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Wuthering Waves Spectro Rover Build

How to get the most out of Wuthering Waves' MC.

UPDATE: We've updated this page with some additional information on a Spectro Rover build. This includes some more details on the best team compositions, Echo stats, and what Rover's ascension materials are.

You might not be stuck with them for long, but a good Wuthering Waves Spectro Rover build makes your MC worth keeping around long after you've unlocked wishes and recruited new Wuthering Waves characters.

The Rover's simple but effective kit means they work in any situation, whether you want them on-field all the time or just have them popping in for some Spectro damage before switching out again.

Our Wuthering Waves Spectro Rover build lays out which Echoes and weapons are best for Rover as main DPS and sub-DPS and which stats to focus on.

Wuthering Waves Spectro Rover Build

Best Rover Team Compositions in Wuthering Waves

With Rover being the MC, Wuthering Waves often forces you to use them as a part of story beats and so forth, so it's well worth getting used to their kit and devising a Team for them. The Spectro Rover can hold their own during a battle, but it's worth pairing them with a primary DPS character and a support character to keep them buffed/healed.

Some of the best DPS characters you can use right now are Jiyan, Calcharo, and Encore. Though, when it comes to free characters, you can also try Danjin or Chixia. There's Mortefi, too, who's mainly a sub DPS, but with a few Sequence Nodes unlocked, he can be pretty versatile.

As for your support/healer character, the best Resonator to use right now is Verina. When it comes to free healers, though, Baizhi is instead your best bet.

Best Rover Weapons in Wuthering Waves

The Spectro Rover’s straightforward kit means you can get pretty good results with most of the swords available in Wuthering Waves 1.0, though there are a few that work better than most. One of them is, unsurprisingly, the standard 5-star sword Emerald of Genesis. You can get this one off the permanent weapon banner, and considering how many Wuthering Waves characters use swords, it’s a smart idea to set that one as your guaranteed weapon, even if you don’t stick with the Rover.

Anyway, what makes it good: Emerald of Genesis increases the equipping character’s Energy Regeneration by 12 percent and buffs their attack by six percent after they use their skill. That attack buff can stack twice in 10 seconds. The Spectro Rover’s damage comes from their Resonance Liberation and Skill, so this sword makes it easier to get the most out of each.

It also has Crit Rate as its secondary stat, so all the Rover’s attacks have a higher chance of dealing more damage.

A good 4-star Rover weapon is Lumingloss, a sword with attack as its secondary stat. Lumingloss buffs the user’s Basic and Heavy Attack by a whopping 20 percent after they use their skill. That’s all it does, but 20 percent is a big buff. It also helps Rover keep their momentum and take down foes while you wait for cooldowns to reset.

Commando of Conviction is another excellent 4-star choice for Rover’s weapon. It boosts the wearer’s attack by 15 percent when they use their Intro Skill, which you’ll be doing a lot anyway. It also has the advantage of a slightly higher base attack stat, which makes up for a slightly lower attack substat compared to Lumingloss.

We have two recommendations on the 3-star side. One is Sword of Night, a slightly weaker version of Commando that boosts attack by eight percent after the equipping character uses their Intro Skill. The other is Guardian Sword, a simple weapon that buffs skill damage by 12 percent.

Best Rover Sonata Effects in Wuthering Waves

Rover has a few possible Sonata Effects that work with their kit, though only one full Sonata Effect that suits them best. If you're not quite sure what those effects are, our Sonata Effects guide breaks it down for you.

Celestial Light
  • 2-piece set: Increases Spectro Damage by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece set: Spectro Damage increases by a further 30 percent for 15 seconds after the equipping character uses their Intro Skill.

Celestial Light is a standard, but powerful, set for the Rover and one you can pull together pretty quickly. Whether you use the Rover as a main DPS or just switch them in to do their thing while another character is off-field, Celestial Light makes the most of their attacks.

An alternate choice is Moonlit Clouds, a useful set for Liberation-focused Rovers who play support for a main DPS.

  • 2-piece set: Increases Energy Regeneration by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece set: After the user triggers their Outro Skill, the next character’s attack increases by 22.5 percent for 15 seconds.

Energy Regeneration is always a good thing for Rover, since their Liberation deals a fair amount of damage, and while their Outro Skill doesn’t deal damage, it means whoever takes the field next – Jiyan, for example, or another strong carry – will hit much harder.

You can also mix and match if you just want stat boosts – two-piece Celestial Light with two-piece Moonlit or even Lingering Tunes, to get the latter’s 10 percent attack boost – but the end result won’t be quite as effective.

Best Rover Echoes in Wuthering Waves

You have a few choices for your prime-slot Echo as well. For Celestial, we recommend:

  • Mourning Aix (strong Spectro Damage, this is our top pick)
  • Cyan-Feathered Heron (Aero damage, good for elemental variation)
  • Autopuppet Scout (Glacio damage and ice walls around the field)

And for Moonlit Clouds, some strong picks are:

  • Impermanence Heron (powerful Havoc damage)
  • Chaserazor (Aero damage)
  • Viridblaze Saurian (multiple instances of Fusion damage)

Head over to our Wuthering Waves Echoes guide if you need to brush up on how this system works.

Best Rover Echo Stats in Wuthering Waves

The Spectro Rover is a typical DPS, which means you want to focus on their Attack %, Critical Damage, and Elemental Damage to help augment their kit. Possible stats vary depending on the equipped Echo’s strength, but you want to aim for something like this:

  • 4: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3: Spectro Damage
  • 3: Spectro Damage
  • 3: Attack %
  • 1: Attack %

Focus on Critical Rate and Critical Damage for substats as well, and if you don’t have an Energy Regen stat on your weapon, aim for an Echo with Energy Regeneration as well. Beyond that, look for more Attack % when and even more Energy Regen when tuning your Echoes.

Rover Ascension Materials in Wuthering Waves

The Ascension Materials needed to reach each Rank for Rover are as follows.

  • Rank 1 (Level 20 to 40): 5000x Shell Credits, 4x LF Whisperin Cores
  • Rank 2 (Level 40 to 50): 10000x Shell Credits, 4x MF Whisperin Cores, 4x Pecok Flower, 1x Mysterious Code
  • Rank 3 (Level 50 to 60): 15000x Shell Credits, 8x MF Whisperin Cores, 8x Pecok Flower, 1x Mysterious Code
  • Rank 4 (Level 60 to 70): 20000x Shell Credits, 4x HF Whisperin Cores, 12x Pecok Flower, 1x Mysterious Code

If you're after more Wuthering Waves help, head over to our guide for how to get XP fast and our handy explainer for how each of Wuthering Waves' gacha systems and microtransactions works.

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