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Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Hunter Quest guide

The Rover meets a legendary Tacet Discord Hunter in Wuthering Waves, but are they all they're cracked up to be?

The Rover fighting the Bell-Borne Geochelone in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

The Rover might be a powerful character in Wuthering Waves, but they've still got a lot to learn when it comes to defeating the toughest Tacet Discords. So why not learn from the best? At least, they say they're the best.

In the city of Jinzhou, the Rover meets Lianfeng, a legendary hunter of Tacet Discords, allegedly. But when an ill child needs medicine that can only be gathered from a dangerous area, they have no choice but to put their faith in their supposed abilities. Here's what you need to do!

In Jinzhou, speak to the Shifang Pharmacy manager, Koko. She has a client whose daughter is suffering with a rare illness. The only thing that can ease her symptoms is the “guide drug”, but it’s so valuable that only expensive items will be accepted as payment.

Koko asks the Rover to collect a Clock Spiriton from a Calamity-class Tacet Discord called a Bell-Borne Geochelone. Since it would be tough to acquire on your own, Koko suggests that you ask a local Tacet Discord Hunter for their help.

The Rover speaking to Lianfeng the Tacet Discord Hunter in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

His name is Lianfeng and you should be able to find him around the theater. At the quest marker, search the assembled crowd for someone boasting about their prowess as Koko said. The guy in the short-sleeved shirt and bright shorts is your man, Lianfeng.

He lets slip that he apparently did once collect the Clock Spiriton you need, but refuses to help the woman and her daughter. Something is amiss, but before you can press Lianfeng much further you’re interrupted by a member of the Pioneer Association. They say there’s a mission to the Gorges of Spirits underway to investigate a Tacet Discord, and it’s none other than the Bell-Borne Geochelone.

Lianfeng stubbornly refuses to help, but eventually agrees to coach you through fighting the TD yourself. He says that he no longer fights TDs because of a phenomenon called Overclocking which makes it difficult for him to use his Resonator abilities.

The Rover using their Sensor to track down a Tacet Discord in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

Meet him north of Jinzhou and he’ll give you some information about the Bell-Borne Geochelone. Hold on your grappling hook button and open the Sensor, then activate it to give you a line to follow towards the monster.

The Rover following a trail to the Bell-Borne Geochelone in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

As you reach the Tolling Stream, a bell begins to chime. Follow the sound into the large marked area and as you reach the cul de sac you find a member of the Pioneer Association, wounded on the floor.

Lianfeng will then run you through strategy, telling you to get close to the monster, target the bell on its back, as well as focusing on shattering the protective layer of ice on its feet.

During the battle, focus your Echo Abilities and specials on the beasts feet, this will cause it to fall over and expose the bell on its back. Otherwise, it’s a relatively straightforward battle.

Return to Lianfeng and he’ll congratulate you on your efforts. Take the material back to the pharmacy and speak to Koko.

You receive not only some Astrite and Union Level XP for your trouble, but an intro to a new set of quests from the Pioneer Association, pitting you against tough TDs out in the world. You can then talk to Maqi about helping out.

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