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Wuthering Waves' devs are aware of your frustrations with the game, and it's outlined plans on how to fix them

"We apologize for the deficiencies and issues present in Wuthering Waves."

Scar is shown scattering cards in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves dev Kuro Games has once again apologised for the game's rough launch, saying it is "disheartened" at its "inability to provide a high-quality gaming experience."

Right from launch, Wuthering Waves has struggled a touch on both mobile and PC, with numerous performance issues and bugs plaguing the game, resulting in a mixture of funny and frustrating problems. Kuro Games did outline some issues with the game, as well as promise it would allow players to skip more cutscenes and more in future updates, but the game is still struggling with a few things. In a lengthy blog post released today, Kuro Games outlined what's currently wrong with the game, and what it plans to do in future updates, as well as apologising for the current state of the game.

"Since the official launch of Wuthering Waves, we have received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions through social media and in-game surveys," reads the post. "We apologize for the deficiencies and issues present in Wuthering Waves, our first fully independently developed and globally published game at Kuro Games. We understand that this has affected your gaming experience, and we are working to improve it for those who love the game. We have been working on optimizations and iterations for the current 1.0 version, and the development of subsequent version updates is also underway."

For one, there's the issue with Echo Development. "We are aware of the common concern in the community that the current Echo leveling experience feels too grindy and the game lacks a Waveplates storage system." Plans to help deal with this include things like a limited-time Echo material double yield event called Chord Cleansing in the current version of the game, with the 1.1 update adjusting the progression system to reduce the Shell Credit costs of Echo development, removing the reward cutscene of the Tacet Field, increasing the yield of Echoes and Echo development materials, and in future updates introducing the Waveplates storage system.

The post later goes on to say that since "Wuthering Wave's official global launch, we have been disheartened by our inability to provide a high-quality gaming experience to all Rovers. We understand that continuously releasing better versions and content is our goal and mission, and we will always strive to uphold them." You can read more about update plans on the blog post here.

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