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Wuthering Waves Codes and how to redeem them

Don’t miss out on any free Astrite, Tides and other Wuthering Waves rewards!

Wuthering Waves character with guns
Image credit: Kuro Games
Update on June 7, 2024: We checked for new Wuthering Waves codes.

Wuthering Waves is the latest anime-RPG to make a splash in its crowded market, boasting another huge roster of characters to spend your hard-earned cash on trying to unlock. However, with that said, pull rates seem to be better than competitors' gacha RPGs, and combat definitely looks to be exciting, so here’s hoping that folk like me can actually keep up!

And, well, with our Wuthering Waves codes, you need not spend a penny. Rewards that Kuro Games dish out will no doubt vary from Shell Credits to Lustrous Tides and Astrite, but to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them, we’ve listed all active Wuthering Waves codes on this page.

Working Wuthering Waves Codes

Last checked: June 7, 2024

Here are all the working codes for Wuthering Waves:

  • WUTHERINGGIFT: 50x Astrite, 2x Premium Resonance Potion, 2x Medium Revival Enhaler, 2x Medium Energy Bag, 10,000x Shell Credit

Expired Wuthering Waves Codes

The following Wuthering Waves codes are currently inactive:


How to redeem Wuthering Waves Codes

Unlike some other gacha RPGs, Wuthering Waves allows players to redeem codes directly from within the game itself, although it's not entirely obvious at first glance how to do this. Here's a step-by-step guide to redeeming your Wuthering Waves codes:

  1. Open the game and access the Terminal, a.k.a. the main in-game menu.
  2. From the tabs across the bottom of the screen, select the Gear icon to open Settings.
  3. Wuthering Waves main game menu, with an arrow pointing to the Settings icon.
    Image credit: VG247 / Kuro Games
  4. From here, select the Spanner icon at the bottom of the list down the left-hand side of the screen to go to Other Settings.
  5. The Other Settings menu in Wuthering Waves.
    Image credit: VG247 / Kuro Games
  6. There are only two optins here, and you want the second one: Account > Redemption Code > Redeem. Click on Redeem to get a pop-up.
  7. The code redemption text box pop-up in Wuthering Waves.
    Image credit: VG247 / Kuro Games
  8. Enter your code into the text box (there's even a handy paste-from-clipboard button on the right-hand edge there for you) and hit Confirm. If the code redeems successfully the rewards will go straight to your in-game mailbox; if not, "Invalid redemption code" will appear in red at the top of the text box.

That’s it for Wuthering Waves codes, but be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll update it when there are more announced. For more on the RPG, take a look at all characters in the game, and their abilities.

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