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Rebecca Jones

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Guides Writer

After a six-month stint at VG247 back in 2021, Rebecca (she/her) finally settled in as a permanent addition to the team in 2023. A former member of staff at our sister site Rock Paper Shotgun, she's also had her writing featured on Eurogamer and PC Gamer over the course of her five-year career.

She holds a BA in English and an MA in Medieval English, and isn't entirely convinced she's putting the latter to its most logical use writing about a medium that's barely 50 years old, but at least she's enjoying herself. A veteran fan of the life sim genre, she's racked up almost 2,000 hours of play time between The Sims 4 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons alone, and still isn't sure whether that's a badge of honour or a source of shame.

Agnostic when it comes to platform, AAA vs indie, or free-to-play vs one-time-purchase, Rebecca is nevertheless very clear about what she most likes to play and is way likelier to know a lot about a game if it features sad teenagers, hot lawyers, or kissable vampires; in other words, she particularly enjoys horror games, visual novels, adventure games, and RPGs. She can also be heard enthusing about her favourite indie games over on the Indieventure podcast.

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