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Zenless Zone Zero voice cast: Who are the voice actors in the English dub?

Who voices your latest husbando/waifu? Where have you heard that voice before? Do we know who Billy Kid's actor is yet?

Nicole, Nekomata, Billy, and Anby in a restaurant, teasing a Bangboo with the prospect of getting eaten (or maybe just paying the bill).
Image credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero is the third game from gacha RPG specialists HoYoverse to receive a full English-language dub, and so far it's kept up the studio's tradition of featuring wall-to-wall solid voice performances. However, this time around HoYo only announced the full Japanese voice cast ahead of time, despite the game also being available at launch in Chinese, Korean, and English.

Over the last few days, several of ZZZ's voice actors have identified themselves or been announced, and in the fullness of time it's likely that we'll know the whole cast. In the meantime though, read on for every Zenless Zone Zero English dub voice actor we know of so far.

Zenless Zone Zero English voice actors

The majority of ZZZ's English voice actors still haven't been officially announced — and yes, that includes whoever's responsible for putting in that stellar turn as Billy Kid, sorry.

Most of the Zenless Zone Zero English voice cast will be familiar to you if you're big into anime or, indeed, video games, since the vast majority have a solid and varied CV behind them already. We've mentioned other roles the VAs have played in HoYoverse games in the table below, or you can scroll to the bottom for some lovely trivia.

Character Voice Actor Other HoYoverse roles
Belle Courtney Steele Genshin Impact as Egeria, Emerald, and Letellier
Wise Stephen Fu Genshin Impact as Wolfy
Fairy ???
Nicole ???
Anby Sam Slade Honkai: Star Rail as Topaz
Genshin Impact (additional voices)
Billy ???
Nekomata ???
Corin ???
Ellen Giselle Fernandez Genshin Impact as Aloy
Lycaon Nicholas Thurkettle n/a
Rina ???
Ben ???
Koleda ???
Anton ???
Grace ???
Lucy Courtney Lin Honkai: Star Rail as Huohuo
Genshin Impact as Karpillia, Ryouko, and Yurika
Piper Suzie Yeung Genshin Impact as Eula
Honkai: Star Rail as Hanya
Soukaku ???
Miyabi ???
Yanagi ???
Harumasa ???
Soldier 11 ???
Zhu Yuan Alaina Wis n/a
Qingyi Kira Buckland Genshin Impact as Kuki Shinobu
Seth Nazeeh Tarsha Genshin Impact as Alhaitham
Jane Doe Kelsey Jaffer Genshin Impact as Yaoyao

Zenless Zone Zero voice actor trivia

  • Nicholas Thurkettle (Lycaon) and Alaina Wis (Zhu Yuan) are the only confirmed voice actors not to have appeared in another HoYoverse game prior to Zenless Zone Zero.
  • Suzie Yeung is the only confirmed voice actor who has performed as a playable character in all three English dubs of HoYoverse games: Eula in Genshin, Hanya in HSR, and now Piper in ZZZ.
  • Wise's voice actor, Stephen Fu, voiced main character Cho Sang-woo (the childhood best friend of protagonist Seong Gi-hun) in the English dub of Squid Game.
  • Ellen's voice actor, Giselle Fernandez, recently took over as the voice of Princess Daisy in English language versions of the Mario series, starting with Super Mario Bros. Wonder. She also, of course, picked up the role of Aloy for the Genshin Impact crossover event with Horizon Zero Dawn, which was originated by Ashly Burch in the parent series.
  • Qingyi's voice actor, Kira Buckland, is notable for consistently portraying characters throughout two series that are infamous for recasting often. She's Hiyoko Saionji in the Danganronpa series, and is one of the minority of English-language performers to portray their character in both the games and the anime; and is also one of only two actors from the HuniePop series to have portrayed the same character across the entire franchise, voicing Lola Rembrite in all three games.
  • Several voice actors from Zenless Zone Zero have appeared in the Persona series, including Suzie Yeung in Persona 3 Reload (as Fuuka Yamagishi), Kira Buckland in Persona 5 Strikers (as Kuon Ichinose), and Stephen Fu in Persona 5 Tactics (performing additional voices).

As a quick refresher on who all these characters are, be sure to check out our complete Zenless Zone Zero Version 1.0 Agents list. And if you'd like to become better acquainted with some of them, here's our guide to claiming all the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

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