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How to play Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer with friends

Zenless Zone Zero does indeed feature co-op, though only in a limited mode.

Keen-eyed Zenless Zone Zero players might have noticed that their account features not only a friends list, but a log you can fill up with recent multiplayer encounters. And, given that ZZZ is pretty clearly a single-player game for the main part, you might be wondering just how you and your buddies can meet up in-game for a spot of co-op.

So, here's what multiplayer in Zenless Zone Zero entails, and how to enjoy it.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have multiplayer?

The answer, as we've already hinted, is "yes, with a but".

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero features co-op. But only in a couple of very specific contexts.

First, there's Arcade Mode, which can be accessed by visiting the Godfinger Arcade in Sixth Street, a short walk from your protagonist's home base at Random Play video rental store. In order to unlock it, you need to play through the game's opening story missions: Billy Kid will invite you to hang out at the arcade shortly after the prologue ends, after which it will become available for free play.

Enter the arcade and you'll be given the option to play in several different modes, with Arcade Mode being the one that will let you play cooperatively or competitively with other real-life human beings. The only games currently to support this feature are Snake Duel's "Clash" mode and Soul Hounds III's "Group Hunt" mode, both of which let four people play together in a match.

Secondly, after finishing Nekomata's story quest and unlocking the VR Device for the staff room in Random Play, you can choose The Reckless Challenge in "multiplayer" mode to go toe-to-toe with a weekly boss alongside two other players (each of you gets to bring one Agent of your choosing, and you can't switch characters during the fight). This is probably more like what you had in mind when you pictured Zenless Zone Zero as a co-op game, but bear in mind that you can only participate in this challenge up to three times per week.

Real friends are all well and good, but video game characters don't ever have to log off to walk the dog, eat real food, or spend quality time with their families. Best make sure you've claimed all the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero in that case, then.

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