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Zenless Zone Zero: How long does it take to unlock the gacha?

When can you wish in Zenless Zone Zero? Here's how long you can expect to wait before ZZZ lets you into its gacha.

Gacha games like Zenless Zone Zero are the digital descendents of gachapon machines: you put money in, and hope that what you get in return is the thing you wanted, rather than a dud or something you've got a dozen copies of already. Your mileage may vary as to whether a gacha is the main attraction or a regrettable reality of modern game monetisation; but either way, sooner or later, chances are you're going to want a new character or weapon that only the gacha can provide.

Gacha games have admittedly found a few ways to redress your potential disappointment compared to those physical machines, like guaranteeing a premium character after a certain number of attempts, or giving you special level-ups and currencies back if you pull a duplicate. Furthermore, ZZZ is giving away a high percentage of its A-rank characters for free when you start the game, removing some of the random element from the beginning at the very least.

Still though, if you're a seasoned gacha player looking to reroll new accounts until you get the starting roster you want — or just an eager fan wondering how long it'll be until their desired waifu/husbando comes home — you're likely wondering: how long does it take to unlock the gacha in Zenless Zone Zero?

When can you start wishing in Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero's gacha unlocks after accepting your first pair of combat and exploration missions, during the prologue questline Business x Strangeness x Justness. Your protagonist's sibling will explain that if you want to keep exploring the Hollows, you ought to recruit more Agents like the Cunning Hares free starting trio to help you out. This starts the gacha tutorial and marks the point at which you can begin wishing — or, to use ZZZ's own terminology, Signal Searching.

According to Prydwen, one of the leading unofficial HoYoverse sources available, you can unlock ZZZ's gacha within about 30-40 minutes of starting a new account. This is useful information if you plan on rerolling multiple times for a better start, but bear in mind that it'll probably take you a little bit longer if you want to take your time and enjoy the story.

When does the Bangboo banner unlock in Zenless Zone Zero?

Only three of Zenelss Zone Zero's four banners unlock immediately alongside the gacha. You'll instantly be able to pull on the Star-Studded Cast permanent banner, as well as on whichever limited-time Agent and W-Engine (a.k.a. character and weapon) banners are currently featured. But you'll need to wait a while longer before you can wish on the banner called An Outstanding Partner, which allows you to pull for more Bangboos.

In order to wish for Bangboos, you need to have reached Inter-Knot Level 20 and unlocked the Hollow Zero gameplay mode (ZZZ's endgame challenge content), for which you also need to have completed Chapter 1 - Intermission of the main story quests. After this point, simply continue to follow the story quest prompts until you meet an NPC named Enzo, who will unlock the Bangboo banner for you.

For ways too boost your odds in ZZZ's gacha, check out our Zenless Zone Zero codes list and Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration rewards list to see what freebies you might be able to exchange for pulls.

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