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Wuthering Waves character with guns

LUSTROUS TIDES | Wuthering Waves codes

Don’t miss out on any free Astrite, Tides and other WuWa rewards!
Rover stands on top of a high tower at Tiderise Cliffs in Wuthering Waves

Spread Havoc | Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build

Building Havoc Rover? Here’s the best Echoes, weapons, and stats you should look out for.
A character card for Wuthering Waves' Encore is shown

WOOLY STAMPEDE | Wuthering Waves Encore Build

Here’s how to get the most out of having Encore on your WuWa team.
A Crownless enemy is shown sat on the ground inside a simulated room in Wuthering Waves

COUNTERATTACK | Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Location

Here’s where you’ll find the Tempest Mephis boss, who drops Hidden Thunder Tacet Cores that you’ll no doubt be in need of.
The Rover cooking at Panhua's Restaurant in Wuthering Waves.

SEAFOOD | How to cook in Wuthering Waves

Cooking delicious dishes in Wuthering Waves can give your party all sorts of powerful buffs!