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Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Guide

Don’t neglect Wuthering Waves’ Tower of Adversity. It’s a real challenge with some pretty neat rewards.

Verina stands outside the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves has a few late and endgame challenges for keen players to take on while they wait for new content, and one of these is the Tower of Adversity. Consisting of Towers with varying stages, this particular challenge forces you to use different Resonators while taking on timed waves of enemies.

And while the pressure is on in later stages, especially the Hazard Zone, strategically planning your way through these Towers is well worth it for the rewards you can get. It’s also fun seeing just how challenging Wuthering Waves’ combat really gets… Anyways, here’s everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves’ Tower of Adversity.

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Guide

There are a few things worth knowing before diving into the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves. First, you might need to still unlock it, and secondly, there’s a Vigor system in play so you can’t rush through the Towers with your dream Team composition.

On this page, we’ve detailed how to unlock the endgame mode, what Zones you’ll be battling through, how the Vigor system works, and last but not least, what rewards you can get.

How to unlock the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves

To unlock the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to first reach Union Level 15. At this point, you’ll unlock the Alone in the Abyss Tutorial Quest, which leads you to the Tower of Adversity and teaches you a lot of important things about it.

The location of the Tower of Adversity is shown on the Wuthering Waves map
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

After having unlocked the area, which is located on its own separate island that is west of Jinzhou, you can fast travel there whenever necessary. You can also fast travel to the Resonance Nexus in the area and explore the surroundings, if you fancy.

Once unlocked, by all means continue Wuthering Waves' story and return here later with a powerful set of Resonators. Tower of Adversity’s challenges are no easy feat, but they’re certainly worth completing when you’re ready.

All Tower of Adversity Zones in Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves’ Tower of Adversity, there are three Zones of varying difficulty for players to complete. These are the Stable Zone, Experimental Zone, and Hazard Zone.

  • Stable Zone: The Stable Zone has one Tower to complete that contains four stages.
  • Experimental Zone: The Experimental Zone has two Towers to complete that both contain four stages each.
  • Hazard Zone: The Hazard Zone has three Towers to complete. The former two contain four stages, while the final Tower contains just two stages. This particular zone is regularly refreshed.

How does the Vigor system work in Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity?

With each stage that you complete during Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves, your Resonators will use up Vigor. The amount of Vigor that they consume will vary in every stage, but by having this mechanic, Wuthering Waves forces you to utilize different Resonators and Team compositions.

As you progress through the stages of each Tower, you’ll find that your Resonators will consume a specific amount of Vigor each time. As such, you may need to use other Resonators later in your challenge who’s Vigor is yet to be depleted. With this in mind, players navigating harder stages of the Tower of Adversity will need to strategically plan which Resonators to use during each stage so that they’re not left with a middling, underleveled team for later in the challenge.

The Adversity Exchange, where Hazard Records can be exchanged for materials, is shown in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Rewards

You can bag a grand total of 2500 Astrite by clearing every single stage in the Tower of Adversity, as well as plenty of resources. These include Resonance Potions, Shell Credits, Energy Cores, and Sealed Tubes.

You’ll also earn Hazard Records - a currency exclusive to the Tower of Adversity - that can be spent on materials, tuners, and Shell Credits in the Adversity Exchange Store.

For more on Wuthering Waves, take a look at our Calcharo build and Verina build, as well as our guide on how to increase your Data Bank Level, which comes with its own rewards. On top of that, check out our WuWa codes page.

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