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Wuthering Waves Verina Build

Verina is Wuthering Waves’ best Support Resonator right now.

Key artwork for Verina from Wuthering Waves is shown
Image credit: Kuro Games
UPDATE: We've updated some of the information on this page - mainly regarding stats and team compositiions - so that you can build the best Verina build.

One thing that Wuthering Waves is currently lacking is strong Support characters. There are a few middling Resonators to experiment with but if you want to bolster your party with healing and damage buffs, your best bet right now is five-star character, Verina.

The good news is that with the right items equipped, Verina is incredibly easy to use and incredibly useful to any team she is a part of. You don’t even need to use her much, either, with her skills quickly healing a party and her outro buffing their attacks! Without further ado, here’s our guide on the best Wuthering Waves Verina build,

Wuthering Waves Verina Build

Best Verina Team Composition in Wuthering Waves

Verina is a five-star Support Resonator in Wuthering Waves, capable of healing up her team at a moments notice, which proves to be really useful during tougher fights. As a result, you’ll want to pair Verina with two DPS Resonators.

Verina can easily be added onto any team, with her damage buffs and healing being useful across the board. I've been using her with Calcharo as my main DPS and Mortefi as my sub DPS, but you could easily swap Mortefi for Yinlin or Sanhua, depending on who you have.

You can alternatively try her with Jiyan and Yangyang, or even Encore and Rover. Just be sure to have some type of main DPS and sub DPS paired with her.

Best Verina Weapons in Wuthering Waves

With Verina being a Support character, and a good all-round one at that, you ideally want to kit her out with anything that improves her Healing Output, Energy Regeneration, and Attack % output. She’s a character we don’t actually rely on too often, with most of her benefits being applied once she leaves the battlefield.

  • Cosmic Ripples (5 star): Energy Regeneration is increased by 12.8%. After hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack, Basic Attack Damage is increased by 3.2%. This can stack five times.
  • Variation (4 star): After using Resonance Skill, Concerto Energy is restored by 8. This can be triggered every 20s.
  • Guardian Rectifier (3 star): Increases Basic and Heavy Attack Damage Bonus by 12%.
  • Rectifier of Voyager (3 star): After using Resonance Skill, Resonance Energy is restored by 12. This can be triggered every 20s.
Five star character, Verina, is shown wielding the Rectifier of Voyager in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Best Verina Sonata Effect in Wuthering Waves

The best Sonata Effect to employ when it comes to choosing Echoes for Verina is Rejuvenating Glow. The effects of the Rejuvenating Glow Sonata Effects are as follows:

  • 2pcs Set: Healing bonuses receive +10% buff.
  • 5pcs Set: Increases the attack of all party members by +15% after healing allies.

As a Support character who is capable of healing her allies, possessing the additional healing bonuses - and buffs for healing allies - proves useful. There are no better Sonata Effects for Verina and her kit, really, with Rejuvenating Glow being the best set for her.

Five star character, Verina, is shown wielding several Rejuvenating Glow Echoes in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Best Verina Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Provided that you’re equipping a set of Rejuvenating Glow Echoes, as recommended, your main Echo for Verina should be the Bell-Borne Geochelone. You can find this particular enemy just southwest of the Gorges of Spirits area on your map, but you may need to fight them a few times before receiving their Echo.

With the Bell-Borne Geochelone in Verina’s top Echo spot, Verina will be able to summon the protection of the Bell-Borne Geochelone. This temporarily reduces incoming damage while increasing damage dealt, and deals Glacio Damage to nearby enemies based on Verina’s current Defense stat.

Best Verina Echo Stats in Wuthering Waves

With Verina being a Support character in our team, the main stats you want to focus on when equipping echoes are Healing Bonus, Energy Regen, and Attack %. The more she can heal her allies, the better, and the more energy she can regenerate, the more she can heal. Similarly, Verina’s attack is pretty good, but having some stats pumped into that so she can hold her own during her brief moments on the battlefield is always helpful.

Your Echoes should be arranged as follows, but of course, there’s room for different stats if you don’t have all the Echoes you need right now.

  • 4: Bell-Borne Geochelone - Healing Bonus
  • 3: Energy Regeneration
  • 3: Energy Regeneration
  • 1: Attack %
  • 1: Attack %

When it comes to tuning Echoes, the main substats you should look out for come as no surprise: Attack %, Energy Regen, and Attack are your main priorities. Healing Bonus is also a plus.

Verina Ascension Materials in Wuthering Waves

The Ascension Materials needed to reach each Rank for Verina are as follows.

  • Rank 1 (Level 20 to 40): 5000x Shell Credits, 4x LF Howler Cores
  • Rank 2 (Level 40 to 50): 10000x Shell Credits, 4x MF Howler Cores, 4x Belle Poppy, 3x Elegy Tacet Cores
  • Rank 3 (Level 50 to 60): 15000x Shell Credits, 8x MF Howler Cores, 8x Belle Poppy, 6x Elegy Tacet Cores
  • Rank 4 (Level 60 to 70): 20000x Shell Credits, 4x HF Howler Cores, 12x Belle Poppy, 9x Elegy Tacet Cores

For more on Wuthering Waves, take a look at our Rover build, and our guide to the gacha system.

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