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Wuthering Waves Jiyan Build

The best of the best for Wuthering Waves' first limited character.

UPDATE: We've added some information to this page on Jiyan's best Team compositions and his ascension materials, to help you with putting together your Jiyan build.

The best Wuthering Waves Jiyan build is pretty straightforward to put together. Jiyan's sole purpose is to whack things with his sword, a lot, so you don't have to mess around with stat scaling or complex Forte Circuits to get the most out of him.

Our Wuthering Waves Jiyan build goes over which weapons and Echoes work best for the 5-star Aero character and which Sonata Effect is right for him.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan build

Best Jiyan Team Composition in Wuthering Waves

With Jiyan playing the role of primary DPS in most Wuthering Waves Teams, you'll want to pair him with a sub-DPS character and a support character. The best support right now is Verina, but if you don't have her, you can always try out Baizhi.

As for your sub-DPS, gun-users Mortefi and Aalto can make good picks. Mortefi's Outro Skill buffs Heavy Attacks, while Aalto is able to buff Aero Damage attacks. Pretty useful for Aero user, Jiyan! Alternatively, you can try Sanhua or Yangyang as sub-DPS, but these two don't provide as much for Jiyan.

Best Jiyan Weapons in Wuthering Waves

Jiyan is your typical hypercarry DPS, a character who exists just to hit people a lot, and his signature broadblade, the 5-star Verdant Summit, is a perfect fit, as you’d expect. Its secondary stat raises the equipping character’s Critical Damage, and the passive effect is even better. It buffs the user’s Resonance effects – Skill, Liberation, the whole lot – by 12 percent, and then when they use their Intro Skill or Liberation, their basic and heavy attack damage increases by 24 percent. That effect can stack twice, which is a pretty big damage increase.

The standard 5-star broadblade Lustrous Razer is also a good pick, if you happen to get that one. It raises the user’s Energy Regeneration and increases Liberation Damage by seven percent every time they use their skill, an effect that can stack three times.

Autumntrace is one of Jiyan’s best 4-star weapons. Its secondary stat increases the user’s Critical Hit Rate, which is excellent for Jiyan, and landing a Basic or Heavy Attack increases their attack by four percent. That buff can stack five times for a total of 20 percent, so it’s an easy way to buff Jiyan without having to put a support character on your team.

Another option is Helios Cleaver. This one increases the user’s attack by three percent every two seconds after they use their Resonance Skill, and the effect stacks four times. There’s also Broadblade#41, which increases the equipping character’s attack by 12 percent if their HP is above 80 percent and restores their HP by five percent if their health drops below 40 percent.

The 3-star broadblade selection is a little limited, but you can’t go wrong with Guardian Broadblade, a sword that increases Basic and Heavy Attack damage by 12 percent.

Best Jiyan Sonata Effect in Wuthering Waves

The easiest set to use for Jiyan without having to think much about swapping or timing is Sierra Gale.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases Aero damage by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece effect: Aero damage increases by a further 30 percent for 10 seconds when the equipping character uses their Intro Skill.

This set lends itself to a decent rotation, where you swap Jiyan out so one of his supports can do their thing and then bring him back to trigger the buff after his Intro Skill. It’s straightforward, but effective.

Lingering Tunes is another popular choice, but it comes with some caveats.

  • 2-piece effect: Raises attack by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece effect: Increases the user’s attack by five percent every 1.5 seconds they remain on the field and stacks four times. Their Outro Skill damage also increases by 60 percent.

Jiyan’s Outro has him launching coordinated attacks dealing 313 percent of his attack when the next character uses their Heavy Attack, and the set’s buff makes it even better. However, unless you’re using a sub-DPS who relies on Heavy Attacks, you’re kind of just wasting time this way.

Best Jiyan Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Like every other Aero user in the game – Jianxin, for example, and even Yangyang – Jiyan’s best Echo from the Sierra Gale set is Feilian Beringal. It strikes several times with Aero power and then, after the last hit, buffs the equipping character’s Basic and Heavy Attack damage by 12 percent.

And if you use Lingering Tunes, Mech Abomination is the Echo of choice. It deals heavy Electro damage that counts as Outro damage, which also benefits from the set’s Outro buff, and after the skill ends, the equipping character’s attack increases by 12 percent for 15 seconds.

Best Jiyan Echo Stats in Wuthering Waves

Jiyan needs the standard stat blend that all main DPS characters need.

  • 4-cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3-cost: Attack % or Aero Damage
  • 3-cost: Attack % or Aero Damage
  • 1-cost: Attack %
  • 1-cost: Attack %

Those are your best bets for his substats as well (don't forget about tuning your Echoes!), along with Energy Regeneration is nice. Don’t worry about making Energy Regen one of his main stats, especially if you’re using Lustrous Razer. So much of his damage comes from Basic and Heavy Attacks, so firing off his Liberation frequently isn’t massively important for his build.

Jiyan Ascension Materials in Wuthering Waves

The Ascension Materials needed to reach each Rank for Jiyan are as follows.

  • Rank 1 (Level 20 to 40): 5000x Shell Credits, 4x LF Howler Cores
  • Rank 2 (Level 40 to 50): 10000x Shell Credits, 4x MF Howler Cores, 4x Pecok Flowers, 3x Roaring Rock Fists
  • Rank 3 (Level 50 to 60): 15000x Shell Credits, 8x MF Howler Cores, 8x Pecok Flowers, 6x Roaring Rock Fists
  • Rank 4 (Level 60 to 70): 20000x Shell Credits, 4x HF Howler Cores, 12x Pecok Flowers, 9x Roaring Rock Fists

If you need some extra Astrite for pulls, check out our up-to-date Wuthering Waves codes list for some freebies. Don't forget to raise your Data Bank Level and farm for five-star Echoes, too!

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