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Wuthering Waves Data Bank level: How to gain EXP, rewards

Your Data Bank level in Wuthering Waves allows you to increase your Stamina, COST cap, and gain other great rewards!

The Rover raising their Data Bank Level in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247
After having spent some more time with WuWa, we've found another way of increasing your Data Bank Level quickly and have added it here, as well as streamlining existing information.

Your Data Bank Level in Wuthering Waves is an important measure of your progress through the game, and raising it grants your Rover access to a variety of great rewards.

Not just rewards, either, but as your Data Bank Level increases, your chances of finding and farming better Echoes increases too. This is the real reason for trying to boost your Data Bank Level as quickly as possible, and in this Wuthering Waves guide, we explain exactly how to do just that.

Here's everything you need to know!

How to raise your Data Bank Level in Wuthering Waves

First and foremost, you raise your Data Bank Level by collecting new Echoes. Echoes can be absorbed from defeated monsters out in the open world of Wuthering Waves, and there are a lot to take on.

This means that whenever you spy a new enemy in the distance, you should probably take the time out of your day to wander over and defeat them. If you can snag a new Echo for your collection, this will grant you 10XP towards your next Data Bank Level goal.

On top of that, don't forget about the ability to merge your Echoes. This is done by accessing your Data Bank, and going into the Echo Merge tab at the bottom. Here, you can merge five unused or useless Echoes to be given a better one, and this is how we managed to boost our Data Bank Level quickly.

Basically, farm enemies - including bosses - all that you can. When you've done plenty of farming, be sure to merge those Echoes you'll never use. Unlocking new ones via merging will quickly give you plenty of Data Bank EXP.

Combat is also a keystone of Wuthering Waves, so making an effort to actively search out battles will also make the game more fun. But even on top of that, there are many different types of Echoes, each with combat, healing or traversal utility. So having a wide range of Echoes at your disposal will give you a greater amount of options in many different situations, not just for raising your Data Bank Level.

What rewards do you get for raising your Data Bank Level in Wuthering Waves?

Raising your Data Bank Level wouldn't be important if you didn't get anything good for doing it!

First, as you progress through Data Bank Levels your COST cap increases. COST is the budget you have for equipping Echoes, meaning the higher your COST cap, the greater number of powerful Echoes you can have equipped at any one time. It goes without saying that this is a massive benefit, so prioritize Echo collection if you're having trouble fitting all of your favorites onto one character. This caps at a cost of 12.

Next, each Data Bank Level also grants your Rover items which increase their maximum stamina. This is used for dodging, climbing, and other traversal abilities, so having a high stamina total will make exploring the world of Wuthering Waves easier.

The player looks at the rewards and unlocks for reaching Data Bank Level 15 in Wuthering Waves
Check your Data Bank Level regularly to see what it gives you, and the rewards each level provides. | Image credit: Kuro Games/VG247

Then, a higher Data Bank Level will enhance your reward drop rate too, making it easier to add new Echoes to your collection as you collect more and more. As you get further into the game, your Data Bank Level will also allow you to absorb higher rarity Echoes to create more powerful builds. Data Bank Level 15 is the most important milestone here, as this is when 5 star Echoes will begin to drop. At Level 17 and Level 19, the chances of finding 5 star Echoes increases, currently capping at an 80% drop rate.

And finally, you can get small amounts of Wuthering Waves' microtransaction currency, called Astrite. Spinning the wheel is always fun, and every little helps towards your next taste.

For more on Wuthering Waves, take a look at our character list, our guide on how to tune your Echoes (which unlocks new substats), and how to increase your Union Level.

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