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How to heal in Wuthering Waves

Healing isn't explained in Wuthering Waves, but there are actually a ton of ways to regain health!

The Rover transforming into a Hoartoise to recover health in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

When Wuthering Waves has such a strong emphasis on combat, it's only natural you'll need healing sooner or later.

It's a vital system, but not one that's thoroughly explained. However, like a lot of things in Wuthering Waves, if you've played Genshin Impact then you will already be familiar with most of it - just with a few unique mechanics that set it apart from its peers.

How to heal in Wuthering Waves

The main way to heal in Wuthering Waves is with the effects of Echoes and Resonators. If you equip a healing Echo, you can activate it as you would any other Echo ability and it's essentially free, just with a cooldown.

The easiest to find in the early game is the Hoartoise in streams and water in the starting area. But you can also find the Cruisewing near the main city which can also heal allies too.

The Rover transforming into a Hoartoise to recover health in Wuthering Waves.
The best way to heal in Wuthering Waves is to transform into a disco turtle. Yes, really. | Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

Something to remember with healing Echoes is that they're not a limited resource. Especially outside of battle, you can just equip the Hoartoise and heal back up to full.

As for character abilties, some specific Resonators also have the power to heal themselves and their allies. One early character who can heal is Baizhi.

You can also expand your healing capability with Sonata Effects, which is where you equip multiples of compatible Echo types to receive extra buffs. One example is with the Stonewall Bracer you immediately receive from story missions, which boosts your healing by 10% when you equip 2 Echoes of the same type.

How else can you heal in Wuthering Waves

There are also specific healing items in Wuthering Waves, which you can find in the third tab of your backpack and use in a pinch in battle. These revival inhalers and nutrient blocks can revive downed Resonators, as well as heal them, and are often found inside treasure chests in the open world.

The Rover equipping a basic nutrient block in Wuthering Waves.
Basic healing items are useful when you're backed into a corner. | Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

You can also craft more inhalers and blocks at the Academy's Synthesiser from materials like flowers that you collect from the open world.

Then, like in Genshin Impact, you can also cook meals and other food items using resources you find to craft healing items.

And finally, you’re also healed when activating the Resonance Nexus, so if you’re nearby don’t waste your items if you don’t need to!

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