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Wuthering Waves Encore Build

Here’s how to get the most out of having Encore on your WuWa team.

A character card for Wuthering Waves' Encore is shown
Image credit: Kuro Game
UPDATE: We've updated this page with a little more information on things like Echo stats and team compositions to help you with your Encore build.

If Wuthering Waves' roster of Resonators already has you hollering for more, get ready for another round with the powerful and particularly easy to use five star character, Encore. This Black Shores member is accompanied by some adorable sheep-like plushies - Cosmos and Cloudy - that help her in battle. But the damage these teddies deal is anything but soft.

All in all, she not only brings the positive vibes to any team with her quips, but completely obliterates enemies with her ranged damage and flaming, wooly sheep too. She’s a fun DPS, and if you have her, she’s definitely worth trying out in battle. To help you get the most out of her, here’s our Wuthering Waves Encore build.

Wuthering Waves Encore Build

Best Encore Team Compositions in Wuthering Waves

Encore’s main role in any Wuthering Waves Team is DPS. As a result, she’ll be our main damage-dealer, and while not as hard-hitting as Calcharo, she’s pretty great. You can use her in a few team comps, and ideally want to pair her with another DPS character and any support character, which right now, are quite limited.

I’ve been running her with Havoc Rover and Verina, but if you’d rather not opt for that, you could also pair Encore with Verina and Sanhua or Yangyang. And if you don’t happen to have Verina on hand for heals, I recommend giving Baizhi a whirl instead.

Best Encore Weapons in Wuthering Waves

Encore uses a Rectifier as her weapon of choice in Wuthering Waves, and with this, there are a few options to choose from that are of varying rarities. Encore’s kit mainly sees you wanting to boost her Attack damage as much as possible, so regardless of what you pick for Encore, that’s something you want to look out for.

  • Cosmic Ripples: Cosmic Ripples is a really impressive weapon that does a lot for Encore. It increases her Energy Regeneration by approximately 12%, while increasing Basic Attack damage bonuses by 3% whenever she hits a target with a Basic Attack. This can stack five times and lasts for eight seconds at a time.
  • Augment: This weapon increases Encore’s attack by 15% for 15 seconds once she uses Resonance Liberation (Ultimate).
  • Guardian Rectifier: I’m currently donning the Guardian Rectifier for Encore while I hope to get my hands on something more impressive, but this weapon still proves to be fruitful, even if it is a tad basic. The Guardian Rectifier increases both Basic and Heavy Attack damage bonuses by approximately 12%.
Encore is shown with the Guardian Rectifier equipped in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Best Encore Sonata Effect in Wuthering Waves

The best Sonata Effect to employ when it comes to choosing Echoes for Encore is Molten Rift. The Molten Rift Sonata Effects are as follows:

  • 2pcs Set: Fusion damage receives +10% buff.
  • 5pcs Set: Fusion damage receives +30% buff for 15 seconds after using Resonance skill.

Alternatively, if you don’t yet have enough Echoes for a full Molten Rift set, you can equip two Echoes from the Lingering Tunes set. These provide a 10% Attack buff on top of the Fusion damage buff you’ll be receiving from Molten Rift.

Best Encore Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Provided that you’re equipping Encore with Molten Rift Echoes, the best one that you can have her - and should place in her primary slot - is the Inferno Rider. Upon use, Encore will summon the Inferno Rider to deal three devastating slashes of damage, then buffing her Fusion damage by 12% for a total of 15 seconds.

What’s better is that if you hold the ability down, you’ll be transformed into the Inferno Rider’s bike temporarily. As you jump back off the bike, Encore will deal 12% additional Fusion damage to enemies in front of her. That’s certainly one way to kick off a battle.

Encore is shown with a full 5 piece set of Molten Rift Echoes equipped in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Best Encore Echo stats in Wuthering Waves

With Encore as one of your DPS on your Team, you’ll want to hunt down low-cost Echoes that possess Attack % and Fusion Damage stats for the most part, to help bolster Encore’s damage output even further. As for your Inferno Rider, you want to look for Crit Rate/Damage.

Substats you should be looking for when tuning Echoes, as always, are anything that’ll help Encore’s Energy Regeneration or Crit. Rate/Damage, as well as her Attack %, as it’s useful to have these stats as high as you can.

Your Echoes should be arranged as follows, but of course, there’s room for different stats if you don’t have all the Echoes you need right now.

  • 4: Inferno Rider - Crit. Rate/Damage
  • 3: Fusion Damage
  • 3: Fusion Damage
  • 1: Attack %
  • 1: Attack %

Encore Ascension Materials in Wuthering Waves

The Ascension Materials needed to reach each Rank for Encore are as follows.

  • Rank 1 (Level 20 to 40): 5000x Shell Credits, 4x LF Whisperin Cores
  • Rank 2 (Level 40 to 50): 10000x Shell Credits, 4x MF Whisperin Cores, 4x Pecok Flowers, 3x Rage Tacet Cores
  • Rank 3 (Level 50 to 60): 15000x Shell Credits, 8x MF Whisperin Cores, 8x Pecok Flowers, 6x Rage Tacet Cores
  • Rank 4 (Level 60 to 70): 20000x Shell Credits, 4x HF Whisperin Cores, 12x Pecok Flowers, 9x Rage Tacet Cores

For more on Wuthering Waves, take a look at our Waveplates guide, our guide on how to increase your Union Level, and our page of WuWa codes so you can redeem some freebies.

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