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How to get Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves

Whether you’re in need of more LF, MF, or HF Whisperin Cores, here’s how to get your hands on them.

Verina stands in front of the Synthesizer in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Getting your hands on Whisperin Cores is nothing to shout about in Wuthering Waves. However, there are a confusing amount of rarities to consider, making LF, MF, HF, or FF cores a pretty important item in your collection. These common drops are a key component when it comes to ascending weapons and Resonators, as well as improving the skills of your team.

But, let’s say you’re running low on them for whatever reason, or are in dire need of some more HF Whisperin Cores for that next ascension: where do you get more Whisperin Cores? In this guide, we run you through a few ways on how to get LF, MF, HF, and FF Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves.

How to get Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves

Whisperin Cores can be obtained from Forgery Challenges, Enemy Drops, Item Synthesis, or even the in-game Store.

The functions of Whisperin Cores remain the same regardless of rarity in Wuthering Waves. Higher rarity mats will be used to reach significantly higher levels for your weapons or Resonators.

While the methods for acquiring each type of Whisperin Core also remain largely the same, we’ve also run through exactly how many of each Core you need for synthesizing, and so forth.

Forgery Challenges

Forgery Challenges can be accessed via your Guidebook in Wuthering Waves, and these will provide you with materials for leveling the skills of your Resonators in exchange for 40 Waveplates. On top of this, though, they’ll drop a random selection of Whisperin Cores, Howler Cores, and/or Rings.


Next up, you can trade your Oscillated Coral in the store for some materials, Whisperin Cores being on one of them. They cost 15 Oscillated Coral each and reset monthly, so we recommend grabbing them, as well as the other resources available here.

The player looks at resources available for sale in the Oscillated Coral Store
You can purchase some resources using Oscillated Coral. | Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Enemy Drops

Whisperin Cores are a drop from overworld enemies in Wuthering Waves, and this is mainly how you’ll acquire them. The drops vary in rarity, so you’ll end up with a range of different Whisperin Cores by farming the below enemies:

  • Stonewall Bracer
  • Flautist
  • Tambourinist
  • Rocksteady Guardian
  • Chasm Guardian
  • Chaserazor
  • Autopuppet Scout
  • Vanguard Junrock
  • Fission Junrock
  • Electro Predator
  • Glacio Predator
  • Aero Predator
  • Havoc Warrior
  • Fusion Warrior
  • Snip Snap
  • Zig Zag
  • Whiff Whaff
  • Tick Tack
  • Glacio Prism
  • Fusion Prism
  • Havoc Prism
  • Spectro Prism
  • Traffic Illuminator
The player looks at Zig Zag in the Echo Hunting manual in the Wuthering Waves Guidebook
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

For future reference, if you go into the Echo Hunting tab of your Guidebook (the fourth tab down), you’ll be able to see all the Echoes you have previously collected and what they can drop if you defeat them.


So, let's say that you’ve managed to farm a bunch of Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves, but it turns out that you need four HF Whisperin Cores and only have LF and MF Whisperin Cores in your possession. This is where synthesizing comes in.

Make your way to the Synthesizer, which is located in the main city of Jinzhou. By interacting with the terminal here, you’ll be able to turn lots of your resources into ones of better rarity, if needed. You’ll also be able to synthesize other materials here, such as items needed for ascending weapons and levelling up Resonator skills.

The player looks at crafting a HF Whisperin Core at the Synthesizer in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

When it comes to Whisperin Cores, the synthesizing recipes are as follows:

  • 3x LF Whisperin Cores = 1x MF Whisperin Core
  • 3x MF Whisperin Cores = 1x HF Whisperin Core
  • 3x HF Whisperin Cores = 1x FF Whisperin Core

You get the idea! So, ultimately, to get as many Whisperin Cores as you need, you want to keep farming enemies in the overworld in the hopes that they’ll drop some (and drop some Echoes, too!) and then synthesize the materials you don’t need into better ones at the Synthesiser.

For more on Wuthering Waves, take a look at where to get some other items you’ll need. There’s Howler Cores, Pecok Flowers, and of course, five-star Echoes to farm.

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