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Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Location

Here’s where you’ll find the Tempest Mephis boss, who drops Hidden Thunder Tacet Cores that you’ll no doubt be in need of.

A Crownless enemy is shown sat on the ground inside a simulated room in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

After having spent some time playing Wuthering Waves and seeing the state that the world of SOL-3 is currently in, you’ll find yourself regularly running into Echoes to absorb. With some luck, you’ll start filling out your Echo Gallery much like some sort of sci-fi Pokedex, and you’ll also discover boss fights - such as the Tempest Mephis - where you can score some especially good ones.

As well as the opportunity to bag a good Echo to kit your character out with, you’ll also get yourself some upgrade and ascension materials in the process. First clears of any boss also reward you with Astrite, so it’s worth seeking out each and every one of these across the map. That said, here’s where you’ll find the location of Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis boss.

Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Location

The Tempest Mephis boss fight is found northwest of Qichi Village in Wuthering Waves. This is in the Central Plains area that is just north of the main city, Jinzhou, and it also happens to be marked on your map. Here, you can select and track it if needed.

The location of the Tempest Mephis, which is near Qichi Village, is marked on the Wuthering Waves map
Tempest Mephis is found by Qichi Village. | Image credit: VG247/Kuro Games

Be careful not to get the boss mixed up with Chaotic Juncture: Ember, which is also nearby.

As you approach the Tempest Mephis boss arena, it’s worth noting that this particular enemy is found underground. As you approach his location on the map, you should see a current near a grapple hook. Dive down into this current and clamber deeper down into the Tempest Mephis’ chamber to eventually initiate the fight.

If you’ve managed to beat the likes of Thundering Mephis and Inferno Rider already, the Tempest Mephis boss is a walk in the park really. As ever, make the most of those Counterattacks and you’ll find yourself having a much easier time of it. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to Immobilise the Tempest Mephis, giving you free time to wail away at them.

Upon defeat, the Tempest Mephis will drop Resonance Potions, Shell Credits, and Hidden Thunder Tacet Cores, but you will need to trade 60 Waveplates for these rewards.

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