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What happens on your birthday in Wuthering Waves?

An overview of what to expect on the day you set as your birthday in Wuthering Waves, plus a full list of WuWa character birthdays.

Baizhi, Yangyang and Chixia sharing a pot of tea in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAME

Like most gacha RPGs, Wuthering Waves invites you to tell it when your birthday is. You're under absolutely no obligation to tell it the truth, of course, if you're particularly concerned about privacy; but genre veterans will probably be expecting something good in return for giving up this basic bit of personal info. You might even be tempted to enter the date you created your account as your birthday, in order to receive any gifts or freebies as soon as possible while your Rover is still getting themselves set up.

But what exactly happens on your birthday in Wuthering Waves — or on a character's birthday? Here's what to expect.

What happens on your birthday in Wuthering Waves?

Somewhat anticlimactically, right now nothing special happens on the player's birthday in Wuthering Waves. Logging into your WuWa account on the day you input as your birthday doesn't convey any gifts or bonuses, and the game acts as though it were really a day like any other.

It's a bit disappointing, but the fact that Wuthering Waves allows you to set your birthday on your profile presumably means that a related feature is in the works; it just didn't make it into the game at launch. Too bad for all those fibbers (and a minority of genuinely aggrieved late-May babies) who set a day near to the launch date as their birthday hoping to cash in some freebies, and now have to wait a full year to see if anything ever comes of it.

How to set your birthday in Wuthering Waves

To set your birthday on your Wuthering Waves profile, open the game menu and click on the three vertical dots button next to your profile picture.

This allows you to edit your avatar, sigil, name, and bio; copy your UID for the purposes of befriending other players; and, most importantly for our purposes, set your birthday.

Note that you can only set your birthday once and it cannot be modified once selected, so whether you intend to tell the truth or not, just make sure you've got the right date.

Finally, for the benefit of my fellow Europeans, bear in mind that WuWa uses the Asian date format of YYYY/MM/DD — so if your chosen birthday's early in the month, be careful not to get the month and day mixed up!

Wuthering Waves character birthday list

Wuthering Waves also gives an official birth date for all of its playable units, which in games of this type usually means you'll get a little reward for logging into the game on a given character's birthday.

There hasn't actually been a character's birthday since the game's launch — it's early days after all — but we'll update this page with more information in a few days, once Aalto's kicked things off with his cake day on June 11th.

Meantime, here's a full list of every playable-at-launch character's birthday in Wuthering Waves:

Character Birthday
Rover Player-selected
Sanhua January 20th
Taoqi February 25th
Encore March 21st
Jianxin April 6th
Chixia April 18th
Verina May 18th
Aalto June 11th
Calcharo July 8th
Lingyang August 8th
Danjin August 31st
Baizhi September 10th
Yuanwu October 2nd
Yangyang October 11th
Mortefi November 6th
Jiyan December 14th

While it's a little bit of a let-down that Kuro Games forgot your birthday, at least you can distract yourself by raising your Union Level in order to hang out with your friends in Co-Op mode while you wait to see if this feature gets more weighty further down the line.

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