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Wuthering Waves Chixia Build

The right weapons and Echoes for the fiery gunslinger.

UPDATE: We've added some extra information to this guide to help you with the best Chixia build. Expect some more details on her best Team Compositions, Echo stats, and ascension materials.

The best Wuthering Waves Chixia build turns the free, fiery gunslinger into a potent main DPS for your team, without having to invest too much time in finding the right fits. Chixia might not have the wide-ranging utility of someone like Mortefi, but she still has a lot to offer once you get the right rotation down.

Our Wuthering Waves Chixia build lays out which weapons and Echoes work best for the 4-star Fusion character and why.

Wuthering Waves Chixia build

Best Chixia Team Composition in Wuthering Waves

Chixia will play the role of primary DPS in your Wuthering Waves Team, so you ideally want to pair her with a sub-DPS and a support Resonator. She's easy enough to throw into a free-to-play Team with Spectro Rover as sub-DPS and Baizhi as healer, but if you've some premium characters (or gacha pulls you're considering using), she could be used alongside Jianxin and Verina.

Ultimately, as long as you have a healer available, you can experiment with your sub-DPS. There's also Sanhua and Yinlin you could try out, too.

Best Chixia Weapons in Wuthering Waves

Chixia is a rare example of a character who doesn’t actually get much from her Liberation, so most of her damage comes from basic and heavy attacks until she builds her Forte Circuit and casts her skill. She needs attack more than anything else, and the way her Forte Circuit works means she could benefit from extra skill damage as well.

Static Mist, the only 5-star pistols in Wuthering Waves 1.0, is a strong choice for Chixia with a well-rounded blend of stats. It raises the user’s Crit Rate, which means you can focus more on attack or Crit Damage for your Echo stats, adds a small Energy Regen buff, and even has a little support option. When the equipping character uses their Outro, the next character gets a 10 percent attack increase.

Thunderbolt is a strong 4-star option that ticks the attack and skill damage boxes, with its secondary stat that raises attack by a decent amount and a passive skill that buffs Resonance Skill damage up to three times when the user lands a hit with their Basic or Heavy Attack. Novaburst is another strong 4-star choice and one with a passive effect Chixia can use more frequently. It increases the equipping character’s attack by four percent when they successfully dodge an incoming hit, and the buff can stack three times.

Undying Flame, also a 4-star, works very well when you swap Chixia in, ideally after using a support character’s buffs. It raises the user’s skill damage by 20 percent after you swap them in and they use their Intro Skill, and its secondary stat raises the character’s attack by 30 percent at level 90.

And on the 3-star pistols side, we recommend either Pistols of Night, which increases the user’s attack by a small amount after they use their intro skill, or Guardian Pistols, which bumps up their skill damage.

Best Chixia Sonata Effect in Wuthering Waves

Chixia has two Sonata Effect options, and they both work pretty well for different playstyles. The easiest and most useful is Molten Rift, the Fusion effect.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases Fusion Damage by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece effect: Increases Fusion Damage by a further 30 percent for 15 seconds after the character uses their skill.

The full set effect is an excellent way to bump Chixia’s damage up if you time it with her maxed-out Forte circuit.

Another option - if you fancy combining Molten Rift with something else - is Lingering Tunes, which gives Chixia some general attack buffs and a pretty big Outro buff. Her Outro Skill deals a hefty amount of damage to begin with – equal to 530 percent of her attack – so the extra increase from Lingering Tunes makes it even more destructive.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases attack by 10 percent.
  • 5-piece effect: The equipping character’s attack increases by five percent every 1.5 seconds they remain on the field and stacks four times. Also increases Outro skill damage by 60 percent.

Best Chixia Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Molten Rift’s best option is the Inferno Rider. It deals multiple instances of Fusion damage and then increases the equipping character’s basic and heavy attacks and Fusion damage by 12 percent, which suits Chixia perfectly. This is, ideally, the top Echo you want.

If you opt for Lingering Tunes, the Mech Abomination is an excellent choice for Chixia’s Main Echo. It dishes out several instances of Electro Damage and buffs the equipping character’s attack by 12 percent once it’s finished. The Mech Abomination’s most powerful skill counts as Outro Damage, so it benefits from the full set’s Outro Buff as well, if you happen to opt for 5 pieces.

Flautist is another useful choice. Its skill hits 10 times, and the character recovers one Concerto Energy with each successful hit – perfect for charging Chixia’s Outro skill more often.

Best Chixia Echo Stats in Wuthering Waves

Chixia’s stat needs are pretty standard for a main DPS whose skills scale on attack. Prioritize Attack % or Fusion Damage wherever you can, and be sure to stick a Crit Rate or Crit Damage modifier on your 4-cost Echo.

  • 4-cost: Crit Rate / Crit Damage
  • 3-cost: Attack % / Fusion Damage
  • 3-cost: Attack % / Fusion Damage
  • 1-cost: Attack %
  • 1-cost: Attack %

When it comes to tuning Echoes, other substats you should be looking out for are primarily Crit. Rate and Crit. Damage. Beyond that, keep your eyes peeled for additional Attack % and Energy Regen substats, as well as any boosts to Resonance Liberation DMG. The latter isn't the most important thing, but it'll help give Chixia's Ultimate a bit of a boost.

Chixia Ascension Materials in Wuthering Waves

The Ascension Materials needed to reach each Rank for Chixia are as follows.

  • Rank 1 (Level 20 to 40): 5000x Shell Credits, 4x LF Whisperin Cores
  • Rank 2 (Level 40 to 50): 10000x Shell Credits, 4x MF Whisperin Cores, 4x Belle Poppy, 3x Rage Tacet Cores
  • Rank 3 (Level 50 to 60): 15000x Shell Credits, 8x MF Whisperin Cores, 8x Belle Poppy, 6x Rage Tacet Cores
  • Rank 4 (Level 60 to 70): 20000x Shell Credits, 4x HF Whisperin Cores, 12x Belle Poppy, 9x Rage Tacet Cores

If you need some extra Astrite for pulls, check out our up-to-date Wuthering Waves codes list for some freebies. While you're at it, be sure to check out how to raise your Union Level and how to raise your Data Bank Level for a shot at farming more five-star Echoes.

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