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Wuthering Waves is proving troublesome for mobile and PC players, with bugs and performance issues running wild

If you're a fan of A-poses, boy do I have some clips for you.

Custom header of Wuthering Wave bugs, NPC temp dialogue crossed with A-poses
Image credit: VG247

Wuthering Waves is finally out, and for a lot of players who've been keen on the open world action game are diving in and having a blast. However, that's not to say it's been a smooth launch by any means, with numerous reports of bugs, graphical problems, and performance flubs.

Lets start with those performance problems! Many players, taking the leap over from Genshin Impact or other gachas, have been hit by a wall of issues. These include the much-beloved A pose, an animation bug which has been posted across the internet to the joy of of many.

i guese this is wuthering waves
by u/Charming-Mixture3683 in WutheringWaves

The game has also been critiqued for poor performance and texture qualities by various players, even those with PCs that should be able to run a mobile action RPG with relative ease. Blurring textures are present, which while not disasterous, is a bit rough to be seeing on decent set ups. Now, there are workarounds! Turning off or tweaking settings like anti-aliasing can vastly improve your experience. This is especially true for mobile players, who are seeing vast and significant enhancements to their gacha sessions with some simple adjustments.

Am I the only one on high settings who has such blurry textures?
by u/DavideLi98 in WutheringWaves
Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this 😭
by u/Big-Half6142 in WutheringWaves

Even with all this, the game appears to be popping off in a serious way. As of writing, it's among the top games being watched on with 98.2k viewers. This, at a time when the majority of Americans are still asleep, is a darn good figure to be seeing on day one. Also, it's worth noting that while these bugs appear widespread, the team has published a list of known problems and pledged to fix them in short order. So, hopefully this is just one of those classic rough launches, rather than a taste of permanent negative quirks we'll have to get used to.

Let us know how your day one experience with WuWa is going. Are you running into issues? Or is everything smooth on your end?

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