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Hades 2: How to get Thalamus

The strange Thalamus plant is essential for making it topside

Hades 2 Thalamus is a tough plant to get, but it’s one of the most important items to get as soon as you can. You’ll need it to survive in the game’s other big location, which, if the early access version’s final boss fight is anything to go by, will eventually play a pretty big role.

Our Hades 2 Thalamus guide explains where to find the rare plant and what you’ll need it for.

Hades 2: How to get Thalamus

Thalamus is a plant, but it doesn’t grow naturally in the Underworld or anywhere else. That means the only way you can get it is by growing it yourself. By the time Thalamus shows up as an incantation requirement, you should have already unlocked and maybe even ugpraded your garden via the Flourishing Soil and Rich Soil incantations. If not, go ahead and do that.

It’s fine if you only have enough reagents for the initial garden. Rich Soil’s upgrade just adds two more plots.

The next step is actually finding seeds, and that part involves some luck.

Hades 2 Thalamus seeds

For starters, there are no Thalamus seeds. Thalamus grows from Chaos Seeds, which, as you can probably guess from the name, only show up in Chaos locations. A good many Chaos locations spawn with no reagents at all, so it might take a while before you strike lucky.

Since the May 16, 2024, update, you don’t have to choose between gathering tools anymore. However, if you prioritize the shovel before setting out for the night, you may have a better chance of running across a patch of seeds you can dig up. I’d also recommend equipping Chaos’ Boon, since it gives you a higher chance of finding Chaos portals.

Once you have the seeds, plant them back at the Crossroads when you return. They should be ready by the time you complete another run, and you’ll get two Thalamus from one seed – just enough to craft the incantation you need to survive on the surface after breaking the wards.

Hades 2 Thalamus uses

As of Hades 2's early access version, there's only one use for Thalamus, and that's the incantation that breaks Melinoe's blood curse - the thing that makes her die on the surface. There may be additional uses later down the road, but for now, that's it. Still, it might not be a bad idea to dig up any Chaos Seeds you find on your trips through the Underworld, in case Supergiant throws a surprise in a future update.

If you're after more Hades 2 help, check out our guides for how to get glassrock and where to find bronze, which you'll need in greater quanities from here on out.

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