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There's now a Baldur's Gate 3 mod that turns it into a fully-fleshed out roguelike, just in case you're done with Hades 2

Are you and your party up to taking on the Trials of Tav?

Astarion and Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3 alongside Melinoe in Hades 2.
Image credit: Larian/Supergiant Games

Modders add a lot of cool stuff to their various games of choice, and this might be one of the coolest additions I've seen for any game in a while. A relatively new Baldur's Gate 3 mod casually gives the RPG an entire new mode, which allows you and your party to battle through waves of foes roguelike-style.

Yup, while we've still got a little bit to wait until Patch 7 brings the full release of BG3's official modding tools, along with a heap of other stuff, folks are already doing things that make you go 'what...really?'

'Trials of Tav - a roguelike mode', by modder Hippo0o, is definitely one of those things, given that it adds an entire standalone roguelike mode to the RPG. As you'd expect, the "combat-only mode lets you fight waves of enemies in progressively harder encounters. Doing so will net you random loot with rarity-based drop rates as well as a RogueScore and currency used to unlock powerful power-ups".

Hippo0o promises that the new mode, which features 38 maps and 250+ enemies, should offer something like 100 hours of fresh gameplay. They add that it's also available to play solo or as a co-op experience you can take on with your mates, and generally works best if you put together a party of hirelings or modded custom companions. It's designed to be played via a fresh save, with an Honour Mode one being reccomened for "the true roguelike permadeath experience".

Trials of Tav gives you a number of ways to play too, with it being possible to set up individual custom battles if you aren't keen to take on a run through the full roguelike mode, which'll see you rack up a RogueScore (the sum used to calculate this can be found in mod's description) as you progress. The mod even packs an optional challenge mode, designed to make those roguelike runs even tougher by having "enemies scale faster with your RogueScore" and having Shadowlands maps show up earlier.

What's the end goal, in case you're not one of the roguelike vets that've probably worked it out already? Well, if you're doing runs, your job is to "get the highest RogueScore, unlock all the power-ups and go to NG+ to start again with an all-powerful party and all-new unlocks".

In order to get the mod working, you'll first need to have grabbed both Norbyte's Script Extender and Mod Fixer first, with Trials of Tav then popping up an in-game prompt that offers a welcome and gives you the option to activate it if your installation's gone hunky-dory.

If you're after more BG3 mod-related things, a team of Stardew Valley modders are currently working on creating a town where you can chill with the likes of Astarion and the other ones.

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