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Hades 2 director teases that "clues as to where things are going" major update-wise are already out there for folks to find

You'll just have play the game "deeply enough" - that's definitely a phrase - and hope they pop up.

Melinoë in Hades 2.
Image credit: Supergiant Games.

You. Have you been enjoying Hades 2 so far? Well, just as it's gotten its first big patch, one that features tweaks to mechanics like sprinting and resource gathering, Supergiant creative director Greg Kasavin has offered a bit of info on where the game's headed. Apparently, there are some "clues" as to what the developer may have in store for future updates already out there to find.

Yup, stop lusting after Aphrodite, or Moros, or one of the random shades chilling at The Crossroads, it's time to get hunting for things that might not mean much right now, but could potentially mean something at some point in the future.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Kasavin said that following some "relatively small patches" that this most recent one marks the start of, the team will be shifting focus to Hades 2's first major update.

While he wouldn't give away the central theme of that update - which "will include new features, locations, foes, and other content"- he did say the following regarding it: "if you play the game deeply enough, you'll find clues as to where things are going". Ooh Greg, ya big tease. That was it, by the way, so you're just gonna have to look in every nook and cranny the Fields of Mourning have to offer.

That said, Kasavin did also add that the studio expects Hades 2 to be in early access "at least through the end of this year".

Look on the bright side. At least the game's first patch, the full notes for which you can find here, makes Melinoë's sprinting "innately faster" and allows you to "dash out of many attack recovery animations more reliably", both of which should come in handy when scouring the underworld for those clues. It's also pretty good for hoarders, as it allows you to "gather from any resource point once you have unlocked the corresponding gathering tool", with the extra detail that if you choose to equip the pickaxe for example, you'll run into the likes of silver or lime veins more often than other resource collection points.

If you've maybe just finished the first Hades and are wondering whether you should jump into Hades 2 while it's still in this early access phase, check out our thoughts on that very conundrum here.

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