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Somehow, Hades 2's new character art has left fans even hornier than the first game, and you can't really blame them

Yup, all of those awoooga noises Tom and Jerry make when they fall in love.

Some sexy character art in Hades 2.
Image credit: VG247/Supergiant Games

Warning: Spoilers for Hades 2 may lie ahead.

Did you play the first Hades, and then spend several years worth of your time salivating over the beauty of the Greek gods it kept thrusting onto your screen as you tried to concentrate on escaping the underworld? Well, it looks like Hades 2 has you covered and then some, if a fresh gameplay showcase is anything to go by.

If you're out of the loop, we've had a bit of a surge in Hades 2 activity since Supergiant suddenly announced a technical test for the game earlier this week, ahead of its launch in early access soon. The latest of these is a fun gameplay stream of that test build that the developer's done, showing off some new additions and, er, women with muscles.

Yup, three hours of Hades fun with Supergiant creative director Greg Kasavin and studio director Amir Rao, featuring plenty of action with the game's new protagonist, Melinoë, the sister of everyone's favourite handsome lad - Zagreus from the first Hades. According to the devs, she's "a witch, a sorceress, [and] an assassin", coming with a range of different weapons and the ability to unleash powerful spell attacks via a new magick bar that sits alongside her health.

There gameplay loop is largely one you'll recognise from the excellent original. Head out from The Crossroads - Melinoë's home base - on a mission I won't mention in case you want to go in a bit blind, fight your way through different areas, accept boons from different gods to switch up or add to your abilities, and talk to characters, a lot of whom are new faces popping up for the first time. Yes, most of them are pretty sexy.

For example, one of the game's key characters is Hecate, the witch of The Crossroads. She's just casually rocking an outfit that shows of her shredded mid-riff, as you do. She's not the only one either, with folks across Reddit and Twitter having already started worshipping the likes of Aphrodite, who's casually in the buff again, Apollo, and Nemesis, who's basically designed perfectly to knock the socks off of anyone who's ever looked at Lady Dimitrescu twice.

SPOILER ALL new portraits from today's livestream!
by u/Ok-Swimmer-2634 in HadesTheGame

Naturally, someone's already posted a nice little slideshow of all the characters shown in the stream, that you can peruse at your leisure above. Just make sure you put up a sign on your door first.

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