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Hades 2: How to get Moon Dust

Moon Dust helps buff your Arcana cards, which means you have a chance of surviving longer

How to get Moon Dust in Hades 2 is a pretty straightforward process, though actually having the resources to obtain it on hand is another matter. Moon Dust isn’t something you have to worry about initially – since it doesn’t exist in your first few runs – but you’ll need plenty of it once you start facing Hades 2’s tougher challenges.

Our Hades 2 Moon Dust guide explains how to get the special powder and what to do with it once it’s yours.

Hades 2: How to get Moon Dust

Moon Dust shows up once you use the incantation that upgrades your altar, Consecration of Ashes. Hecate teaches you that incantation at some point after you defeat her at least once in Erebus. It seems like that point happens randomly, so you’ll eventually get it if you just keep fighting and defeating her – which you’ll do anyway since she’s the first Guardian.

Anyway, the incantation requires:

  • 1 Cinder
  • 6 Ashes
  • 6 Fate Fabric

You’ll get three Moon Dust once the incantation ends. From then on, you’ll have to buy Moon Dust. You can trade 80 Bones to get one stack of Moon Dust or get quite a bit more by ordering it from Charon’s supplies, though that method costs four Obols.

It’s the best way to get Moon Dust in the long run, though. 80 bones for one stack isn’t much at all, even if you pick the weapon that grants you extra bones during a run.

Hades 2: What is Moon Dust for?

You use Moon Dust to upgrade Melinoe’s Arcana cards at her altar of meditation. The game somewhat misleadingly suggests that it costs Moon Dust to see what upgrades are available, but that’s not accurate. Pressing the enhance button on the card screen only shows you what each card’s enhanced version looks like, and then you can choose whether to spend Moon Dust and upgrade it from there.

Arcana card upgrades are incremental, but still quite useful. Take the Centaur as an example. Increasing your max health and magic by five every few locations ends up being a substantial increase by the time you reach Chronos in Tartarus.

You'll need all the help you can get once you reach the surface - with the help of Thalamus - and figure out how to survive up there. The challenges on Melinoe's road to Olympus are quite a bit more difficult than the ones down below.

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