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Zenless Zone Zero Billy builds

The right W-Engines and Drive Discs for Billy

Putting together your Zenless Zone Zero Billy build is, like the A-rank gunslinger himself, pretty straightforward. Billy has few needs and a simple kit that doesn’t get into the fancy combos and attack patterns that other attack Agents make use of, and while that means he might not be the best choice for long in ZZZ, he’s one of the best Agents to learn how the game works.

Our Zenless Zone Zero Billy build guide breaks down which W-Engines Billy needs and the Drive Discs you should prioritize.

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ZZZ Billy build

Zenless Zone Zero: Billy kit

Billy is a straightforward attacker who excels at long-range combat, so much so that his kit actually grants him buffs when he attacks from far away. Billy’s basic attack fires shots from his pistols that deal physical damage, and if you hold the attack button down, he’ll remain crouched in place. Release the button to end Billy’s attack combo and fire one big Finishing Shot. His dodges attack enemies around Billy with piercing physical damage, and his assist is useful for crowd control, as it sees Billy swap in and attack multiple enemies in a wide area in front of him.

Billy’s special and EX Special are similar. The regular special fires three shots in a line, and the EX Special fires one really big shot. If Billy is on a team with other Cunning Hares or physical attackers, his chain attacks give him a 50 percent damage buff for his next ultimate. He’s not the fanciest character around, but he gets the job done and is excellent for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with more complex combos like Soldier 11’s.

His core skill buffs his damage by 25 percent when he’s in crouched mode, so don’t forget to hold his basic attack button down to deal even more damage.

ZZZ Billy W-Engines

Billy’s free W-Engine, Starlight Engine Replica, is one of his best and the easiest one to max out, since you can buy it from Suzie after you unlock the Engine store. Starlight Engine Replica boosts the equipping character’s physical damage by 36/58 percent for eight seconds when they land a hit on an enemy at least six meters away with a basic or dash attack. You kinda have to eyeball the distance, but if you’re aiming at enemies from across a battle arena, you’re probably in good shape.

Don’t confuse it with the regular Starlight Engine, which only gives the user a 12/19 percent attack buff after they use a dodge counter or assist – much less useful.

I don’t recommend using an S-rank W-Engine on Billy unless you have no other attack characters in your party, but if you want to do it anyway, The Brimstone should be your choice. Using basic, dash, or dodge attacks boosts the equipping character’s attack by 3.5 percent for eight seconds, and the effect stacks eight times.

ZZZ Billy Drive Discs

Billy has a few Drive Disc options that augment different facets of his damage output. Based on my experience with Billy so far, I favor Woodpecker Electro.

Four-piece: Increases crit rate by eight percent, and if the user lands a critical hit with their basic, dodge, or EX Special, their attack goes up by nine percent for six seconds. Each attack type has its own buff counter.

Your two-piece choice is flexible. Puffer Electro buffs the character’s PEN ratio by eight percent, which means you deal more damage, while Hormone Punk buffs attack by 10 percent, and Fanged Metal raises physical damage by 10 percent. If you’re not sure which is best, consider seeing what stats you end up with on your four-piece set, and pick the two-piece set that complements those stats.

If Billy is on a team with Piper, you might want to consider the four-piece Fanged Metal set instead. If a target has the Assault status – which Piper can inflict pretty easily – then the equipping character deals 35 percent more damage to them for 12 seconds.

ZZZ Billy stats

Billy’s a main DPS, so he benefits from the usual range of DPS stats. That said, since he needs to stay on-field for a while, it helps to have him deal more damage, or more effective damage, to wear enemies down quickly. Stacking PEN and critical hit rate and damage is a solid idea.

  • Disk IV: Crit rate or crit damage
  • Disk V: Attack, PEN, or physical damage
  • Disk VI: Attack or Energy regen

Billy isn’t quite as reliant on his EX Special as some attack characters. Getting energy regen on him is a nice bonus, but bumping his attack up is more important.

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