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The best Elden Ring DLC Spirit Ash summons

The best summons to pick up in Shadow of the Erdtree

Picking up the best Elden Ring DLC Spirit Ash summons gives you a fighting chance against some of the toughest Shadow of the Erdtree enemies. Most of the top-tier ones are tied to Elden Ring's new NPC quests, but you can find a few high-performing ashes scattered around the Land of Shadow as well.

Our Elden Ring DLC Spirit Ash summons list lays out our picks for the best summons in the DLC expansion and how to get them.

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Swordhand of Night Jolan

Jolan’s summon version is just as deadly as the real deal. She’s fast and hits hard, and her attacks inflict bleed. That’s useful in most cases anyway, but even more so if you’re running a bleed build as well. The two attacks combined will build the target’s bleed meter much more quickly than usual and inflict heavy damage.

The Tarnished faces an injured Jolan in Cathedral of Manus Metyr in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Give Jolan the Iris of Grace after completing Count Ymir’s quest to get this summon.

Jolan and Anna Puppets

What’s better than a Jolan summon? Another Jolan summon! The Swordhand of Night is paired with another Swordhand of Night possessed by Count Ymir’s puppet Anna, and the duo puts high pressure on almost any foe. Their attacks inflict bleed, which pretty much every enemy in Shadow of the Erdtree is weak to, and the fact that there are two of them means you’ll rarely be the enemy’s focus.

You need the Jolan summon for this one. Head to the top of Rabbath’s Rise, and interact with the Anna puppet to get this summon.

Taylew the Golem Smith

Taylew is one of those big guys from the ruined forges, and he fights the same way those fellas do. Taylew’s fist attacks are almost guaranteed to stagger foes, and like his not-dead counterparts, he can take a lot of hits before feeling a thing.

This one’s in Taylew’s Ruined Forge, where you can pick up a nice Smithscript weapon as well.

Demi-Human Swordsman Yosh

Yosh is the Elden Ring equivalent of Yoda in Attack of the Clones. The little guy just won’t stop jumping around and slicing up foes, and he hits pretty hard despite his teeny little size. Repeated attacks are likely to stagger enemies and leave them open to your strong attacks or spells, and really, he’s just fun to watch.

An Elden Ring Tarnished in Belurat Gaol, where the Swordsman Yosh Spirit Ash is

You can get Yosh by defeating the boss in Belurat Gaol. It’s kind of a nasty place, so consider this a warning if you’re squeamish.

Fire Knight Queelign

Queelign functions the same as he does in battle against you, which means he’s fast and never lets up. Considering most spirit summons take a bit to get going and to recover after getting attacked, that’s a very good set of traits to have. His damage might not match Jolan and Anna’s, but the aggressive behavior makes up for that.

During Queelign's quest, give him the Iris of Grace to get his summon.

Ancient Dragon Florissax

Florissax uses her buff bolt on you the instant she enters the field, which is enough to recommend her, but she also flings a spear of red lightning at enemies and attacks with melee strikes. She’s lithe and dodges quite a few attacks and is also tanky enough to absorb hits before vanishing. You’ll need to take some steps in Thiollier’s quest to get the ashes, but it’s worth the extra effort.

An Elden Ring Tarnished speaking with ancient dragon Florissax

Inquisitor Ashes

The Inquisitors might seem weak at first glance, the same as the arc-wielding, holy spell flinging foes you fight in Gravesite Plain and Enir-Ilim, but don’t let those similarities fool you. One of the Inquisitors buffs their attacks, and the other heals you – repeatedly. It’s not a one and done, like with some support ashes, and while they probably won’t survive the likes of Consort Radahn, they’re useful in pretty much every other situation.

The Inquisitor Ashes are on a corpse shortly before you reach the Spiral Rise Site of Grace in Enir-Ilim. It’s pretty late in the game, but they’ll serve you well in The Lands Between or in New Game+.

Messmer Soldiers Ashes

Soldier ashes are usually pretty mediocre, but the Messmer ones have an advantage over the rest. They don’t get separated from each other, which means they don’t get picked off one by one before they can do anything useful. Their combined attacks often stagger foes, and the sheer force of several soldiers acting as one is enough to wear down most enemies quickly.

The Messmer Soldier ashes are near a grave on the road to Cerulean Coast, near the lake with lightning sheep.

Divine Bird Warrior Ornis

Ornis has two big things going for him. He uses holy-aligned attacks, which are perfect in catacombs and the Stone Coffin Fissure in particular, and when he launches his special attack, enemy hits won’t interrupt him. He’s an excellent choice if you need a steady distraction who can deal damage while tanking hits.

The Ornis summon is near some ruins north of the Temple Town Site of Grace.

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