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How to add Epic Games titles to your HoYoPlay Launcher on PC

HoYoverse's new in-house launcher is having some trouble identifying games installed via Epic, but luckily, there is a fix.

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The release of Zenless Zone Zero means that more people than ever will be turning their attention to HoYoPlay, the combined launcher for all of HoYoverse's games on PC. HoYoPlay was initially introduced at the end of May and is being slowly phased in to replace the previous separate launchers for each game. It also marks the seeming end of HoYo's partnership with Epic — who included HoYo's last three PC releases on their storefront as an alternative means of getting into the games — which makes sense now that HoYoverse have come up with an in-house alternative. Indeed, ZZZ is the first game from the company to require HoYoPlay at launch on PC.

The good news is that Zenless Zone Zero should show up for you via HoYoPlay with no issues. However, if prior to this you installed and managed your HoYoverse games via the Epic Games Launcher, you might have run into an issue whereby HoYoPlay fails to recognise its own games even if you point it at the right folder.

Luckily, there is a fix for this, although it's not obvious. Read on below to learn how to fix the HoYoPlay launcher so that all your games show up where they should.

How to fix the HoYoPlay Epic Games Launcher issue on PC

First off, big thanks to u/LadyWithGun on Reddit for bringing this solution to our attention!

The HoYoPlay launcher can attempt to auto-detect HoYoverse games already installed on your PC, or you can manually search a particular folder if you know where your games are installed. However, the issue occurs when a HoYoverse game installed via the Epic Games Launcher can't be detected by HoYoPlay, even if you point it at the folder where the app is installed on your PC.

If this happens, though, you can do the following to fix it:

  • Open HoYoPlay, go to All Games, and select the game you want to link up to the new launcher.
  • Select "Get", as if you are about to install the game afresh.
  • When given the opportunity to select an installation location, find the folder where the game you're looking for is already installed. The location will probably be something like: "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GenshinImpact\Genshin Impact game" (for example) — just make sure you get the folder where the application itself can be found.
  • Proceed with the installation with this as your location and HoYoPlay will instead begin to verify the pre-existing application, at which point you should see the game added to your list down the left-hand side of the launcher. Once verification is complete, you can launch the game from within HoYoPlay.

Note: This method has been confirmed to work for adding Epic Games installations of both Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail to the HoYoPlay launcher, and will presumably work the same for Honkai Impact 3rd once that's integrated into the new launcher as well.

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