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Honkai: Star Rail walkthroughs and beginner's guides

Here are all of our walkthroughs, guides and tips for HoYoverse's latest RPG, Honkai Star Rail!

Jing Yuan playing Xiangqi with a white lion in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: HoYoverse

The space-age fantasy of Honkai: Star Rail is the latest massive RPG from the creators of Genshin Impact, boasting the same stylish visuals and its own copious collection of covetable characters.

With a game as huge and never-ending as Honkai: Star Rail, it can be tough to know where to start, so that’s why we’ve collected this list of useful walkthrough pages, containing tips on forming the best teams from what you have available, as well as tricks for earning more currency and completing quests.

We’re constantly updating this page with more information, so check back regularly for the latest strategies.

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Honkai Star Rail beginner tips

At the start of an almost endless RPG like Honkai Star Rail, you need to take every advantage given to you, so make the most of free booster items to get ahead.

Once you've reaped the rewards, you then need to take the credit you have in the bank and spend it wisely. Investing early in the right characters can make your experience better for literally years to come, and the pages below help you to do just that!

Seele is a powerful early character in Honkai Star Rail
Seele is a powerful early character in Honkai: Star Rail | Image credit: HoYoverse

If you're struggling with your current team, it might be that the characters just aren't at the top of the power curve, so be sure to check out the most over-powered combinations. But also, make sure that you're targeting an enemy's weak element to take them down easily!

Honkai Star Rail will have a constantly rotating carousel of content that's enough to make anyone dizzy. If you have already grabbed the best loot from the current batch in the store, sometimes it's better to hold back your currency for the next drop.

These pages will also help you to understand how the selection of characters, Light Cones, and other items changes from month-to-month.

Honkai: Star Rail latest info

Honkai: Star Rail tier lists

Honkai: Star Rail systems explained

Honkai: Star Rail character guides

Honkai Star rail is full of complex systems, not just for collecting characters, but for increasing their power as well. Just like other HoYoverse games, there's an intricate metagame at play, with detailed strategies for getting the most out your roster. Here's our advice on building out your team efficiently right from the early game to beyond!



Honkai: Star Rail quest walkthroughs and achivement guides

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