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The best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build, Relics, and Light Cone

Natasha is no doubt one of the best healers to have on your team.

Natasha uses her ultimate in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Natasha is one of the few doctors of Jarilo-IV’s Underworld in Honkai: Star Rail. It quickly becomes clear that she is selfless, soft-spoken, and probably very stressed given the scarcity of medical supplies (and how often she has us trying to find more of them).

Alas, when added to your party in Honkai Star Rail, she is one determined healer, and can save plenty of parties from near-death with her Ultimate and healing skills. She is much-loved by all (except some of her patients), and a pretty powerful free character for you to pick. If you’re wanting to get the most out of Natasha’s capabilities, here’s our guide on one of the best Natasha builds, including Light Cones, Relics, and more.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build?

Natasha is a character on the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail, which makes her a great healer for your party. Simply put, she can heal an ally and continue to passively heal them after the fact, and her ultimate can give the whole party some additional HP when needed.

Her element is Physical, and her basic attack can do Physical Damage if you’re facing an enemy of that weakness. That said, Natasha is at her best when used to support your party and top-up their HP, which means we want to focus on giving her the best energy regeneration rate possible. With high energy regeneration, your party need not worry about taking damage all that often, as Natasha will put her doctor skills in action.

Best Natasha Light Cone - Time Waits for No One

The Time Waits for No One Light Cone is a five-star Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail that is best suited to Natasha’s abilities.

Time Waits for No One increases the wearer’s max HP and outgoing healing by an amount that increases as it is upgraded. On top of this, whenever a recently-healed ally attacks an enemy, they will take additional damage that is equal to a portion of the outgoing healing. Again, this additional damage increases as the Light Cone is upgraded.

The Cornucopia Light Cone is shown in Honkai Star Rail
The Corcucopia Light Cone is a solid three-star choice. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

With Natasha being one of the best healers in Honkai Star Rail, the Time Waits for No One Light Cone just accentuates her great healing capabilities further. On top of that, her outgoing healing will buff the damage to that ally, while still dispelling any buffs. A great way to keep your team’s HP topped up, while aiding damage values!

Of course, as a five-star Light Cone, it’s pretty rare. Another option is the four-star Post-Op Conversation Light Cone. This Light Cone will increase Natasha’s energy regeneration values, as well as the outgoing healing of her Ultimate. Together, this means Natasha’s ultimate should be acquired quickly, with its healing values increased.

The 'Shared Feeling' Light Cone's description is shown in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

There's also the four-star Shared Feeling Light Cone, which increases Natasha's outoing healing by 10%. Additionally, whenever she uses her skill, she regenerates two energy for all allies! This is good for dishing out both heals and ultimates.

That said, if luck isn't on your side, a solid three-star alternative to try equipping is the Cornucopia Light Cone. This Light Cone, simply put, will increase Natasha’s outgoing healing by 12% whenever she uses her skill or ultimate. If you're able to Superimpose it five times, you can increase outgoing healing by 24%.

Best Natasha Relics - Passerby of the Wandering Cloud

Passerby of the Wandering Cloud is a solid set of Relics for any healer on your team in Honkai Star Rail, really. Gathered from various boss drops, this set will increase Natasha’s outgoing healing if she has two pieces equipped.

With four pieces equipped, Natasha is also able to immediately recover one skill point; given her skill heals an ally, it’s pretty useful to have at any given moment. Especially if you’re wading through a world in the Simulated Universe, or venturing into the Forgotten Hall.

An image showing what relics and ornaments to equip to Natasha in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

A solid alternative, although not quite as useful, is the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic set. With two pieces equipped, the damage that Natasha takes is reduced. Meanwhile, with four pieces equipped, if Natasha’s HP is on 50% or less at the beginning of a turn, she’ll be able to restore a small portion of her HP and regenerate some energy. Again, this is useful for keeping Natasha alive during tough battles, and getting her Ultimate in use quickly.

Best Natasha Ornaments

Two Ornaments that are worth equipping to Natasha are the Sprightly Vonwacq and Fleet of the Ageless.

Sprightly Vonwacq increases Natasha’s energy regeneration rate by an amount. When her speed reaches 145 or higher, her action is advance forwarded by 50 percent at the start of battle. When in a pinch and needing a heal, this can prove pivotal; but that situation should, honestly, be rare.

Fleet of the Ageless increases the health and attack of all allies if the wearer’s speed is 120 or higher. If your Natasha’s speed stat is 120+, this is a viable option that will work massively in your party’s favour! After all, you can’t really go wrong with higher HP and attack values.

Is Natasha good in Honkai Star Rail?

Considering that Natasha is a four-star character you can get for free in Honkai Star Rail, she is fantastic. As it stands, she is arguably the strongest and most useful healer in the game. Even amidst the toughest of battles, Natasha can bring the weakest of teams (ok, maybe that’s a stretch) to victory if she can consistently heal her allies.

Natasha uses her ultimate ability in Honkai Star Rail
Natasha's ultimate animation has her blasting gifts and plushies through the sky, and it's pretty cool. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Her abilities mainly revolve around healing, and because of this, Natasha can fit nicely into any team composition. Pack a team with the types you need to combat any enemy weaknesses, and then throw Natasha in there to keep all of your allies topped up. Once you’ve used her in battle once, you’ll probably find that you miss her whenever you opt to go without her.

While not pivotal to easier battles, many parties of characters facing tough bosses or waves of hostile enemies will rely on Natasha to keep the team fighting fit.

Should I pull for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail?

Simply put, no. You should not actively try to pull for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail.

Once you begin with the story quests on Jarilo-IV and get to know the people of Belobog, you’ll get to know Natasha a little more too. Soon enough, she’ll actually be unlocked as a free character.

You can still acquire Natasha from a Warp Banner, and if you do, her Eidolons improve her ability to self-heal, her Ultimate, skills, and more. So, receiving her in a Warp Banner has its pros. That said, you should hopefully unlock her via story progress first and foremost.

For more on Honkai Star Rail, take a look at how to increase both your Equilibrium Level and Trailblazer Level, as these are pivotal to your progression across time and space!

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