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Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium explained and how to increase levels

Your Equilibrium Level depends on a few things...

The player party faces the Doomsday Beast enemy in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

If you’re hoping to make your part of characters in Honkai: Star Rail as strong as can be, you’ll want to keep an eye on your Equilibrium Levels. These function much like world levels; the higher your Equilibrium Level, the more valuable loot you will find, as well as much more formidable enemies.

As you first step aboard the Astral Express, there are a lot of complex systems to wrap your head around. Your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium is one of them, but once you know how it works, your team will always be ready to brawl. Here’s how to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail.

What is Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail?

Equilibrium Levels in Honkai Star Rail act as your world level. The higher your Equilibrium Level, the higher the difficulty of the enemies you come across, and the more valuable the loot you acquire from felling them.

Your Equilibrium Level also act as an eligibility requirement across Honkai Star Rail, and you will be unable to upgrade characters without reaching a specific Equilibrium Level.

How to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail

Your Trailblaze Level determines your Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail. You can check this from your profile. Simply speaking, you’ll want to increase your Trailblaze Level naturally by completing quests and exploring the world.

As you reach specific level thresholds, you’ll be granted a quest - at the Trial of the Equilibrium - to raise your Equilibrium Level.

An in-game explanation of how Equilibrium Level works in Honkai Star Rail
Here's exactly how your Equilibrium Level works. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Once you head on over to the Trial of the Equilibrium (which will appear as another trackable quest in your quest log), you’ll be engaging in a trial against a small bunch of enemies.

Pass the trial, and your Equilibrium Level will be raised until you eventually reach the next threshold, and have to do another Trial of the Equilibrium. You’ll also get some other fancy rewards to use across Honkai Star Rail.

If you fail the trial, don’t worry; you can keep trying until you pass it.

You’ll be able to accept and enter these trials whenever you reach the following Trailblaze Level caps: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65. The Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail is currently capped at 70, but this will no doubt increase over time.

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