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Honkai Star Rail devotees look for pity as they fall foul of a gachapon machine

A gacha inside a gacha. Is it a dream, or a nightmare?

The Penacony gacha machine in Honkai Star Rail version 2.0
Image credit: VG247

Honkai Star Rail is in a very good spot right now. Ever since the launch of version 2.0, players have been enthusiastically exploring Penacony and scouring the dreamscape for loot and secrets. One of the more obvious rewards comes from a gachapon machine, which offers both a light cone and a Clockie icon locked as a grand prize. These somehow appear more challenging for some players than the actual paid-for gacha at Star Rail's core.

The reason why is two-fold. One, this gacha machine doesn't appear to have any pity system in place, or at least there's not enough data for folks to determine if one is present or not. This means that there's no guarantee you'll secure one of the top prizes afer 100 rolls. The second is a limitation of gacha tokens. While players can gather them in the open world by doing quests, once those are all spent you're limited to ten tokens - or five attempts - a week.

In a sense this makes securing either of the grand prizes harder than the shiny new five-star characters present in the paid-for gacha in Honkai Star Rail right now. You see, there's no limit on how much you can roll on the character or light cone banners (how else would they tempt folks to spend money on more rolls?), and with the release of version 2.0 the game is practically throwing free rolls at players right now.

Now, you obviously dont need either the light cone or icon, but good luck telling that to completionists. In fact, they're actually suffering more than most, as there's also an achievement tied to hoarding 77 of the tokens you need to use the gachapon machine. These folks will surely be saving their tokens while their friends and fellow players celebrate their winnings - or they'll snatch up both prizes before realising they've got to save up 77 tokens all over again. Such is the harsh life of a completionist.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it's that version 2.0 is filled to bursting with all manner of side content and fun distractions. Be it gachapon machines, loads of new side quests, new events, more places to spend your daily trailblaze points, ordozens of chests to hunt down, now's a really good time to boot up Honkai Star Rail if you've not logged in for a while. It even has a lush welcome back event for lapsed players.

Have you gotten lucky with Honkai Star Rail's gacha yet, be it the machine or the money-hungry warps themselves? Let us know below!

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