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The best Honkai Star Rail Asta build, Light Cone, and Relics

Asta is one of the best supporters for any team

Steamroll the opposition with the best Honkai: Star Rail Asta build. Asta might have only landed in the B-tier of our Honkai Star Rail tier list, but she’s one of the most useful supporters as of the launch version. And she’s free, which is always a nice bonus.

Asta deals fire damage in a broad area, but more importantly, she helps speed the party up and provides an attack buff that stays around for the entire battle, if you play your cards right.

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Honkai Star Rail Asta

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Asta build?

As a support character, Asta’s speed and energy are her most important features. Speed lets her attack more frequently, which fills her charge talent and buffs the party’s attack. Her ultimate raises the entire party’s speed, so keeping her energy topped up is always helpful, especially against bosses and formidable foes.

The best part about Asta is that, even if you don’t or can’t fully optimize her, she can still play a vital role in your party thanks to her talent.

Honkai Star Rail Asta – Best Light Cones

The Battle Isn’t Over might be Bronya’s signature Light Cone, but it’s an excellent fit for Asta as well. It raises the wearer’s energy regeneration rate and replenishes a skill point when they use their ultimate on an ally, which Asta always does. When the wearer uses their skill, the next ally’s action – as long as it isn’t the wearer.

Dance! Dance! Dance! is a strong, if basic 4-star alternative. When the wearer uses their ultimate, the entire party moves forward by a set amount in the action bar. Past and Future works well with Asta’s charge talent, since it buffs the next character’s attack after the wearer uses their skill.

Memories of the Past is another popular choice. It increases the user’s break damage and restores energy when they attack. It’s not spectacular if you face enemies without a fire weakness, but the energy restoration effect is the main reason for using this one anyway.

On the 3-star side, we recommend Meshing Cogs, which restores energy when the wearer takes a hit, and Chorus, which buffs the party’s attack for one turn when you enter battle.

Honkai Star Rail Asta – Best Relics

There’s pretty much just one choice for Asta’s Relics as of the launch version: Firesmith of Lava Forging.

  • Two-piece effect: Raises fire damage by 10 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Increases wearer’s skill damage by 12 percent. Fire damage increases by 12 percent after the wearer uses their ultimate

Later versions might include new Relics that are better suited to support characters such as Asta, but for now, this is your best choice.

Honkai Star Rail Asta – Best Ornaments

Fleet of the Ageless complements Asta’s talent by raising the party’s attack. It boosts the wearer’s HP, and then when the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, the party’s attack goes up by eight percent.

Space Sealing Station is a decent alternative if you want to get more out of Asta’s attack and skill. It raises the user’s attack by 12 percent and then grants another 12 percent buff when their speed reaches 120.

Attack or fire damage, speed, and energy regeneration are the most important stats to focus on for Asta.

Is Asta good?

Asta might not be as flashy as Tingyun, but she’s an excellent support character for any team. Her normal attack deals fire damage, and her ultimate raises the party’s speed. Asta’s skill can either target one enemy and deal heavier damage or multiple enemies while dealing slightly less damage. The multi-strike option is always best, not just for reducing multiple break meters, but for boosting Asta’s talent, Astrometry.

Astrometry gives Asta a charge meter with five slots. The meter gains a charge when Asta attacks an enemy, and each charge buffs the party’s attack by seven percent, or more once you upgrade the ability. This talent is what makes Asta such a boon for every party, especially early in the game, since she can speed the party up and make them hit harder, even without Relics or the best Light Cone.

She loses several charges each turn, so you’ll want to use her skill’s multi-hit function to keep it topped up.

Asta shines in parties with heavy hitters such as Seele or Himeko, but she's also handy for bumping up the damage that weaker characters, like Dan Heng, can deal. Basically, there's no party that Asta won't help.

Should I pull for Asta?

The best part about Asta is that she’s free. You unlock her automatically during the Warp tutorial at the start of the game, though if she’s featured in a banner at any point, it’s worth trying to unlock at least her first Eidolon. That one adds an extra attack when Asta uses her skill, which means an extra charge for her talent meter. The second Eidolon is handy – it keeps the charge meter from reducing after Asta’s ultimate – but not vital, and the same is true for the rest of the Eidolons.

If you do opt for a certain butterfly warrior to party up with Asta, take a look at our build guide to make the most of her, and don’t forget to increase your Equilibrium Level and tackle the Simulated Universe for some extra rewards and a deep dive into Star Rail's lore.

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