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The best Honkai Star Rail Seele build, Light Cone, and Relics

Your fate is Seeled

We've updated our Honkai: Star Rail Seele build after spending half a year with her, and yep, she's still amazing.

Seele is one of Star Rail’s first heavy hitters, a powerful warrior who can slow enemies and manipulates the turn order so she attacks more often. She's one of the strongest characters in the launch version and easily earned a spot in the S-tier of our Star Rail tier list.

The downside is that she ends up overrshadowing everyone else on your team, but if that’s not a problem for you, then Seele is a fantastic addition to your party.

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Honkai Star Rail Seele

Honkai Star Rail Seele build overview

Seele exists to do one thing: hit a single foe really, really hard. Her attack and speed are her most important stats, followed by critical hit damage and energy regeneration to help fire off her devastatingly powerful ultimate more often.

Best Seele Light Cone – In the Night

In the Night is Seele’s signature Light Cone, hence the fact that her face is on it, and it suits her perfectly. It raises the wearer’s critical hit rate by at least 12 percent, boosts basic and skill damage by an amount that scales off the user’s speed, and buffs their ultimate critical hit damage by eight to 16 percent. The effect stacks eight times, so even at the lowest ascension level, you’re looking at a 48 percent skill damage buff and a 64 percent critical damage boost.

That’s a lot, but In the Night is also only obtainable in the Light Cone banner. If you somehow end up with Sleep Like the Dead, it’s also a good choice, though it only raises the user’s critical rate and damage – not their attack and skill damage.

A 5-star cone that's easier to get is Cruising in the Stellar Sea. You can grab this one from Herta's store using Simulated Universe currency, and it fits her kit pretty well. Stellar Sea raises the user's critical rate by at least eight percent - more at higher superimposition levels - and a further eight percent against enemies with 50 percent HP or less. They also get a 20 percent attack buff after defeating a foe.

Seele has a few 4-star Light Cones to choose from as well. Only Silence Remains provides a hefty attack buff, and, when you face two or fewer enemies, it increases the user’s critical hit rate. Swordplay is another strong choice, albeit a simpler one. It increases damage by up to 16 percent when the user attacks the same target more than once. The effect stacks five times, which is a pretty substantial buff – though not as useful against weaker mobs.

On the 3-star side, we recommend Arrows or Darting Arrow. Darting Arrow grants the wearer a substantial attack buff for three turns after they defeat an enemy, and Arrows gives you a speed boost at the start of a battle.

Best Seele Relics – Cavern Relics

Seele has a couple of solid options for Relics as of the launch version.

Genius of Brilliant Stars

  • Two-piece effect: Raises Quantum damage by 10 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Attacks against enemies with Quantum weakness will ignore 25 percent of their defense

The four-piece effect is a bit pointless if the enemy isn’t weak to Quantum, so you might want to mix it with something else.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • Two-piece effect: Raises attack by 10 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Increases speed by six percent and basic attack damage by 10 percent

Seele will, ideally, not be using basic attacks too often. Right now, our preferred Relic set is a two-piece Genius and two-piece Musketeer to give her both an attack buff and a Quantum buff.

Best Seele Relics – Planetar Ornament

Space Sealing Station is a strong fit for Seele, since it increases attack based on the user’s speed. If you’re struggling to raise her speed, you may want to try Celestial Differentiator, which gives the user a critical rate increase and is a perfect match if you’re using In the Night or Only Silence Remains as Seele’s Light Cone.

Rutilant Arena is another strong choice. It boosts the wearer's critical rate by eight percent, and when that rate reaches 70 percent or higher, they get a 20 percent buff to attack and skill damage.

>Seele Relic stats

Seele's kit relies on her attack power, and like other hard-hitting DPS characters, she benefits the most from higher attack, critical rates, and critical damage. Speed is nice if you have it, but it's not an essential stat.

  • Body: Critical rate or critical damage
  • Feet: Attack or speed
  • Sphere: Quantum damage or attack
  • Rope: Attack

Seele kit overview

Seele is an excellent DPS and one of Star Rail’s first heavy hitters. Her only role in battle is to attack, and not only does she hit hard, but her Quantum damage type means she slows enemies down as well.

Seele’s skill raises her speed for two turns and deals Quantum damage to one enemy, and you can unlock Traces nodes to boost the skill’s attack even further. Her ultimate deals a staggering blow with her scythe that’s equal to 255 percent of her attack.

Her talent activates the Resurgent state when Seele defeats an enemy. This state gives Seele one more turn and a 40 percent attack buff. Combine that with her skill’s speed boost and Quantum’s delaying effect, and there’s rarely a moment when Seele won’t be acting.

It’s a lethal combination, but also one the warrants some thought for the rest of your party. Like other Hunt characters, Seele has no support abilities, and most of your party will have to revolve around buffing her speed and keeping her healthy. Characters such as Asta and Bronya are excellent choices that give Seele even more chances to attack, though you’ll also want to consider an Erudition character for area-of-effect skills and a healer or Preservation character to keep everyone safe.

Should I pull for Seele?

Seele is ridiculously powerful, but at this point in Star Rail, she's not essential depending on who else you have. Honkai Star Rail gives you plenty of ways to take down foes and multiple character and element combinations to experiment with. She’s impressive, but the problem with DPS characters like her and some of Genshin Impact’s strongest is that they end up dominating your team builds and falling into a rut of repetitive attack patterns. That's fine when it works, though Seele is a one-target wonder. She has almost no multitarget abilities, save for when her talent activates.

That said, if you don't have Yanqing, Jingliu, Blade, or Imbibitor Lunae, then you'll definitely want Seele. Just make sure to pair her with an AoE attacker and a support character to avoid relying entirely on her skill to take enemies down one at a time.

If you're just getting started with the Astral Express crew, check out our Honkai Star Rail beginner guides, and take a gander at the active Honkai Star Rail codes to grab some free Stellar Jade.

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