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Honkai Star Rail Aventurine materials list

All the mats to get Aventurine to the top

Grabbing Honkai: Star Rail Aventurine materials keeps you in Penacony for the long haul, minus a trip back to the Luofu. The 5-star Preservation character uses a boss drop that's only used by a few other characters, a brand-new Trace material, and an ascension material you probably have plenty of, especially if you didn't get Sparkle on your team.

Our Honkai Star Rail Aventurine materials list lays out what you need for each ascension milestone and everything for his most important Traces.

If you're wondering what his most important traces are, check out our Honkai Star Rail Aventurine kit and priority explainer.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine materials

Aventurine materials for ascension

Here’s what you need hit level 80 with Aventurine.

Level Aventurine ascension materials Cost in Credits
20 5 Tatters of Thought 4,000
30 10 Tatters of Thoughtt 8,000
40 6 Fragments of Impression, 3 Suppressing Edict 16,000
50 9 Fragments of Impression, 7 Suppressing Edict 40,000
60 6 Shards of Desire, 20 Suppressing Edict 80,000
70 9 Shards of Desire, 35 Suppressing Edict 160,000
Honkai Star Rail's Aventurine with a roulette behind him as poker chips rain down in golden sparkles
Image credit: HoYoverse

How to get Tatters of Thought, Fragments of Impression, and Shards of Desire

Tatters of Thought items and the higher-tier versions of it come from Memory Zone Meme enemies in Penacony's dream world. These include Sombrous Sepulcher, Heartbreaker, and Allseer enemies, and you can get the items from pretty much every level of Herta's Simulated Universe.

Make sure to send out assignments each day as well. You can get about 30 Tatters of Thought with the right duo sent out. Throw the low-tier items into the synthesizer to make higher-tier ones without having to grind quite as much for them

Where to find Supressing Edictf

Supressing Edict comes from the Shape of Puppetry Stagnant Shadow fight. This fight is in the Artisan Commission and features the Aurumaton Gatekeeper as your main foe. Dr Ratio and Dan Heng - Imbibitor Lunae are the only other characters who use this item, so you shouldn't have too much competition for it in the version 2.1 update.

The easiest way to get credits is from one of Golden Calyx. Bear in mind that these cost fuel, so you'll need to balance these challenges with your other level-up activities.

Aventurine ascension materials total

This is what all that looks like totaled up.

  • 15 Tatters of Thought
  • 15 Fragments of Impression
  • 15 Shards of Desire
  • 65 Suppressing Edict
  • 308,000 Credits

Aventurine materials for Traces

Aventurine needs more Fragments of Thought items for his Traces, along with a new Preservation item set in the Scattered Stardust family.

For one Trace that isn't his basic attack, you need:

  • 9 Tatters of Thought
  • 13 Fragments of Impression
  • 7 Shards of Desire
  • 3 Scattered Stardust
  • 15 Crystal Meteorites
  • 30 Divine Amber
  • 2 Tracks of Destiny
  • 3 Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • 652,000 Credits

How to get Scattered Stardust, Crystal Meteorites, and Divine Amber

The Scattered Stardust series of items is a set of Trace materials introduced in 2.1, but if you've reached the Xianzhou Luofu, you can start farming them before arriving on Penacony. On Penacony, you need to reach the Clock Theme Park to find the bud's permanent location.

How to get Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster

The only way to get Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster is from the Seclusion Zone Echo of War challenge in Herta's Space Station. It unlocks at the end of the Crown of Mundane and Divine continuance story, so if you're new to Star Rail, it'll be a while before you can access that fight. Pretty much every character since then uses these items, so they'll likely be in hot demand among your party members.

Star Rail rewards you with Tracks of Destiny in the battle pass, through completing Trailblaze missions, and for taking part in events, including version 2.1's events and the Cosmodyssey celebration.

Aventurine Traces materials total

To level up all of Aventurine's main Traces and unlock his three bonus abilities, you need:

  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 41 Tatters of Thought
  • 56 Fragments of Impression
  • 58 Shards of Desire
  • 18 Scattered Stardust
  • 69 Crystal Meteorites
  • 139 Divine Amber
  • 12 Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • 8 Tracks of Destiny

These totals include Aventurine's bonus Traces and basic attack, though you're pretty safe not leveling up his basic attack until the others are sorted or at all. Bear in mind you'll need more to activate his other Traces - the stat boosts and such

If you're not sure who else might work with all these skills you just leveled up, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list, and head over to our Star Rail codes page for some freebies to help with your next pull.

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