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The best Honkai Star Rail March 7th build, Relics, and Light Cone

The power of cuteness is unparalleled.

March 7th in her ultimate in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Throughout Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll acquire numerous characters; some for free, some from gacha-gambling. One of the earliest characters you’ll get your hands on is the adorable March 7th, once found drifting among the stars in a block of ice, before finding a home among the Astral Express crew.

March 7th makes a pretty good tank and support character, and can keep your party protected amidst some tough fights. Our Honkai Star Rail tier list of characters places her in A-tier, so she’s well worth putting some EXP into. So after breaking the ice, here’s our best build for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail, including Light Cones, Relics, and more.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail March 7th build?

March 7th is a character on the Path of Preservation in Honkai Star Rail with some pretty good defense stats. When equipped with the right Relics and Light Cone, March 7th actually makes a brilliant defensive support for your team, keeping them shielded and tanking any damage that comes their way.

March 7th details in the character menu in Honkai Star Rail
March 7th is one of the first characters you'll get, and a good one at that. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Throughout Belobog, you’ll find yourself running into enemies with Ice weakness regularly, which makes March 7th a valuable addition to most teams. Provided you focus on her effect hit rate and defence, March 7th is an A-tier character that can get a party through the most precarious of battles.

Best March 7th Light Cone - Moment of Victory

Your best five-star Light Cone to equip to March 7th in Honkai Star Rail is Moment of Victory. This Light Cone will increase March 7th’s effect hit rate and defence by a percentage that only improves with each Superimposition.

In addition to this, whenever March 7th is attacked while wearing the Light Cone, her defence will be increased by an additional amount until the end of the turn.

March 7th's Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail
The best Light Cone for March 7th is Moment of Victory. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

A four-star alternative, if you don’t have Moment of Victory, is Day One of My New Life. This is my personal favourite Light Cone to use, partially because it is adorned with March 7th herself. This Light Cone increases March 7th’s defence by 16%, and whenever she enters battle, the damage resistance of all allies is increased by 8%.

Alternatively, there’s also the four-star This Is Me! Light Cone. This Light Cone increases March 7th’s defense, and also increases March 7th’s damage by a percentage of her defence whenever she uses her ultimate.

Best March 7th Relics - Knight of Purity Palace

The best relic set for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail is the Knight of Purity Palace, which is easy enough to acquire.

March 7th's Relics and Ornaments in Honkai Star Rail
Knight of Purity Palace is the Relic set to go for! Ignore my Ornaments here though, as I'm still farming for better ones. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

With two pieces equipped, March 7th’s defence will increase by 12%. Meanwhile with a full set of four pieces, any shields created by March 7th will have their max damage absorption increased to 20%. Considering March 7th’s skill has her creating shields for allies in order to protect them, this set is a no-brainer.

Best March 7th Ornaments - Belobog of the Architects

The Ornaments that you equip to March 7th in Honkai Star Rail will depend on your stats; are you looking to boost defense further, or increase your attack?

Belobog of the Architects is an easy Ornament to grab from the Simulated Universe. With both Ornaments equipped, March 7th’s defence is increased by 15%. On top of that, whenever her effect hit rate is 50% or higher, she’ll gain an additional 15% defence.

Your second option for Ornaments is Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise. This pair of Ornaments will increase March 7th’s effect hit rate by 15%, while increasing her attack by 25% of her total effect hit rate.

Is March 7th good in Honkai Star Rail?

Yes, March 7th is good in Honkai Star Rail. Don't let this free, four-star character fool you, she's a force to be reckoned with. Able to give allies shields for up to three turns at a time, while also taunting enemies, if you're able to funnel as much into March 7th's defense stat as possible, she's a great defensive support for many team compositions.

March 7th in her ultimate in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Whenever those who March 7th shields are attacked, she'll perform a follow-up attack; her entire 'thing' is supporting her team and making sure that they don't get too hurt. So, if you fancy an Ice-type tank in your team who can both shield and debuff allies, March 7th is the way to go.

Should I pull for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail?

The answer to this particular question is obvious; no, you should not try to pull for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail. She’s one of the first free characters made available to you in the game.

That said, there’s no harm in getting her if you do participate in a Warp Banner. She will be converted into an Eidolon, and March 7th’s Eidolons will only improve her shields, energy regeneration, and more, so you can’t complain.

Should I level up March 7th in Honkai Star Rail?

March 7th, once you do unlock her, is well worth levelling up. While you might find that you prefer the likes of healer, Bailu, later down the line (if you’re lucky enough to unlock her via a Warp), March 7th’s defensive capabilities can slot into almost any party.

I did find using her alongside the later, Fire Trailblazer, felt a little redundant, however, and swapped her for a character that packs more of a punch.

For more on Honkai Star Rail, check out our guide to the Simulated Universe, and how to increase your Equilibrium Level.

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