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The best Honkai Star Rail Clara build, Relics, and Light Cone

Small but mighty, with the help of Svarog.

Clara's utlimate art work in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

As you progress through Honkai: Star Rail and grind your way to the top, you’ll want to make sure your characters are as strong as can be so that they can take anything thrown at them during battle. Clara, or should I say Svarog (who does all the work for her), is a great tank for any party.

If you’re looking for a member of your party who can take damage and dish it out in equal measure, often tanking hits your other party members may not have been able to handle, Clara is the best of the best. So to get the most of her powerful skillset, here’s our guide to the best build for Clara, including Relics, Light Cones, and more.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Clara build?

Clara is a character on the Path of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail, and an S-tier character on our tier list. Her element is Physical, and she’s capable of dealing and taking massive amounts of damage, making her a great tank unit to have on your team. Svarog will protect Clara from 10% of damage (increase via Traces), she’ll attack first when entering battle, and ultimately, is very good at protecting herself and her team.

Clara's character details in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Clara will take the heat when entering a battle, and after using her ultimate, will often become the sole target of enemies. Given that she can take damage well, this is a good thing for us; she’ll tank hits other allies might not be able to. If these enemies are also marked by Svarog with his Mark of Counter (he marks them after they have attacked Clara once), he will counter-attack them; just note that using Clara’s skill (her AEO attack) resets the counter. With this all in mind, we want to focus on boosting her attack where possible, and increasing her damage reduction.

Best Clara Light Cone

Something Irreplaceable is a five-star Light Cone that is simply built for Clara. When equipped, it’ll increase Clara’s attack by 20% (increased via Superimposition), and when Clara defeats an enemy or is hit by one, she’ll immediately restore some of her HP. In addition to this, it gets even better; Clara’s damage will increase by 20% until the end of her next turn.

Five-star Light Cones are at the whim of the gacha-Gods, so you might not have Something Irreplaceable. However, if you have the five-star On the Fall of the Aeon Light Cone, this is a great alternative too. Whenever Clara attacks, her attack will be increased, stacking up to four times. On top of this, whenever she inflicts a Weakness Break, she’ll also increase her damage for two turns!

Now, if gacha hasn’t been too kind to you, there are two four-star alternatives, and a three-star alternative. Four-star Light Cone Nowhere to Run will increase Clara’s attack and see her restoring her HP when attacked. On the other hand, four-star Light Cone The Moles Welcome You (one of my favourites solely because of its description), will give Clara a stack of mischievous every time she acts; each stack will increase her attack further.

The Collpasing Sky Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail
The gacha-Gods gave me ample characters, but not enough Light Cones. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Three-star Light Cone Collapsing Sky also makes a good, lower-levelled pick. Considering how common the Light Cone is, you can easily Superimpose it five times. At the fifth level of Superimposition, the Light Cone will increase Clara’s basic attack and skill by 40%! It’s not the best, but it does the job until a better Light Cone comes along.

Best Clara Relics

Clara has two sets of Relics to choose from, depending on whether you want to improve Clara’s attack or defensive capabilities better.

Clara's equipped Relics in Honkai Star Rail
Boost Clara's attack and physical damage with this set. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

I’ve personally opted for Champion of Streetwise Boxing. With two pieces equipped, Clara’s physical damage is increase by 10%. With four pieces, Clara’s attack increase by 5% for the rest of the battle when she is hit, stacking up to five times.

Another viable option is the Guard of Wuthering Snow set. Two equipped pieces of gear will reduce the damage Clara takes by 8%. With four pieces, if Clara’s HP is less than or equal to 50% at the beginning of a turn, HP equal to 8% of her max HP is restored, alongside 5 energy.

Best Clara Ornaments

The Ornaments that you kit Clara out with really depend on what Relics you’re choosing to put on her.

Clara's equipped Relics in Honkai Star Rail
Choose your Ornaments around what Relics you have equipped; no one shoe fits all with Clara. | Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

If you’ve opted for Champion of Streetwise Boxing as your Relic set, Space Sealing Station is a solid set of ornaments to choose that’ll help boost Clara’s attack further. This set of Ornaments increases Clara’s attack by 12%, doubling if her speed reaches 120 or higher.

Now, if you’d rather opt for the Guard of Wuthering Snow Relic set, the Fleet of the Ageless Ornaments are great. They’ll increase Clara’s HP by 12%, increasing all allies attacks by 8% if her speed reaches 120 or higher.

Is Clara good in Honkai Star Rail?

Clara isn’t just good in Honkai Star Rail, she’s great. As an S-tier character, she’s one of the most capable tank-characters that there is. Not only does she focus on tanking damage that would save allies from precarious scenarios, or fainting, but she can dish out equally impactful amounts of damage too.

Clara uses her ultimate in Honkai Star Rail
Image credit: Honkai Star Rail | Hoyoverse

Clara might not be necessary to every party or battle, but when going up against a tanky enemy who doesn’t seem to want to go down, she can make a huge difference. If you happen to get her Eidolons with some luck, she only gets stronger; her attack can increase following her ultimate, her damage taken can be reduced, and these are all things she is incredibly valuable for.

She also recruits Svarog to do most of her bidding, and who doesn’t love a big ol’ robot?

Should I pull for Clara in Honkai Star Rail?

Clara is a five-star character, and while she’s great, you could be Warping for a long time before you actually get her. Even then, the other characters and cards you get in the meantime will no doubt be useful! So, I do recommend trying to pull for her, but I also recommend finding a different tank character in the meantime until the gacha-Gods are on your side.

Without Clara, both the Fire Trailblazer and March 7th make pretty good tanks; each of them have their differences to Clara in battle, obviously, but these characters prioritise protecting their team from heavy hitters.

For more on Honkai Star Rail, take a look at our guide to the best build for healer, Natasha, as well as the other free characters you can unlock in Honkai Star Rail.

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