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Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build, Light Cones, and Relics

L+(Dr) Ratio

The best Honkai: Star Rail Dr Ratio build is flexible enough to work with several Light Cones and a few interesting Relic options, thanks in part to Dr Ratio's unique kit and follow-up attacks.

Our Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build guide breaks down how to bring out the best in the Genius Society member. Check out our Dr Ratio materials list and Dr Ratio kit explainer if you need to brush up on more about the 5-star Imaginary character.

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build

Dr Ratio shares some important traits with other Hunt characters, with a twist that’s uniquely his. Dr Ratio’s skill targets one enemy, his ultimate targets one enemy, and the best thing you can do for him is raise his critical hit rate and damage. Where things get different is with his follow-up attacks. His ultimate applies an effect that launches a follow-up attack when anyone hits the marked foe, and his talent gives him a fixed chance of launching follow-ups on multiple enemies depending on how many debuffs they have.

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build – Best Dr Ratio Light Cone

Dr Ratio’s signature Light Cone Baptism of Pure Thought is almost stupidly good. It raises the wearer’s critical damage by 20/32 percent outright and for every debuff the target enemy has, the wearer deals an additional 8/12 percent critical damage. That debuff augment can stack up to three times. Then, when the wearer uses their ultimate, the cone applies a Disputation effect, which raises the wearer’s damage by 36/60 percent and ignores 24/40 percent of the enemy’s defense.

That’s a lot of damage. It’s also a limited Light Cone, so not everyone can make that work.

My top pick for a replacement 5-star Light Cone is Crusing in the Stellar Sea, which you can get for eight Herta Bonds in the Simulated Universe store. This one raises the wearer’s critical hit rate by eight to 16 percent, and if the target foe has less than 50 percent health, the user’s crit rate goes up a further eight to 16 percent. Once the wearer defeats an enemy, they get a 20/40 percent attack buff for two turns.

The handy thing about using this one is that, over time, you can get the materials to reach superimposition level five by spending more Herta Bonds at the store.

Dr Ratio’s kit makes finding a good 4-star Light Cone a bit difficult, but he has a few options. One is Dan Heng’s cone, Only Silence Remains, which raises the user’s attack by 16/32 percent and boosts their critical rate by 12/24 percent when only one or two enemies are on the field.

The battle pass cone Return to Darkness is decent on him as well, but mainly as a last resort. It gives a 12/24 percent critical rate buff and has a chance of dispelling a buff on an enemy when you land a critical hit – handy, if you don’t have someone like Pela or Luocha on your team.

Your best 3-star Dr Ratio Light Cone is Darting Arrow. It increases the wearer’s attack by 24/48 percent when they defeat an enemy, and Dr Ratio’s more than likely going to be the one defeating enemies in any party he’s in. Since it’s a 3-star cone, you also have a pretty good chance of acquiring plenty of them just by spending Jade earned in events.

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build – Best Dr Ratio Relics

Dr Ratio has a few Relic options that fit specific parts of his kit, or you could mix and match to suit your tastes.

The Star Rail community decided that Banditry of Wasteland Desert is the current best-in-slot choice.

  • Two-piece effect: Raises Imaginary damage by 20 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Raises wearer’s crit rate by 10 percent against debuffed enemies and buffs crit damage by 20 percent against Imprisoned enemies

The critical rate buff is nice, especially if you don’t get Dr Ratio’s Light Cone, but the critical damage boost is hit-and-miss. It’s only effective in a scenario where enemies have Imaginary weakness, and you stand a chance of breaking them frequently. Consider holding off on this set except in Forgotten Hall or Pure Fiction stages Imaginary weakness may be common.

My pick, for now anyway, is Ashblazing Grand Duke.

  • Two-piece effect: Increases follow-up attack damage by 20 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Raises the wearer’s attack by six percent every time a follow-up attack hits. The effect lasts for three turns, can stack eight times, and resets when the user lands another follow-up attack.

What I like about this set is its flexibility. More damage from Ratio’s follow-ups is always a good thing, and even if your party can’t inflict debuffs for constant follow-ups, he still benefits from the attack buff that his last follow-up generated.

You could also mix two pieces of Banditry and Grand Duke or even throw two pieces of Musketeer of Wild Wheat and get its 10 percent attack buff.

Dr Ratio Relic stats

Dr Ratio’s Relic stats should be pretty familiar if you’ve built other Hunt characters.

  • Body: Critical hit rate or critical hit damage
  • Feet: Attack percent or speed
  • Sphere: Attack or Imaginary damage
  • Link Rope: Attack or energy regen

If you have attack on feet and sphere, I’d recommend going for energy regen on your rope. Dr Ratio’s ultimate deals a hefty amount of damage and guarantees two follow-up attacks, so firing it off frequently is a good idea.

For substats, any of the main stats would work, but you’ll also want to give a thought to defense. Hunt characters are fragile, and while a good healer or shielder can keep them alive, buffing their defense a little certainly makes the job easier.

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio build – Best Dr Ratio Ornaments

Dr Ratio’s best ornament set is a bit more straightforward. I recommend Innert Salsotto. It gives a small critical rate buff, and when the wearer’s crit rate is at 50 percent or higher, you get a 15 percent buff for your ultimate and follow-up attacks.

If the Relics bless you with speed, you could stick with Space Sealing Station. It gives the wearer a 12 percent attack buff and a further 12 percent attack buff if their speed reaches 120 or higher.

Should I pull for Dr Ratio?

If you're playing Star Rail before the version 2.1 update, nah. Dr Ratio's Eidolons are helpful, especially his first Eidolon, but they aren't essential. Get him for free via in-game mail, and save your Jade for his Light Cone or, better yet, a future character.

If you're wondering who else to pair with Dr Ratio, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list, and head over to our Star Rail codes page for some freebies to help with your next pull.

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