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New civilizations coming to Age of Empires 4, play the game for free on Steam now through August 29

Two new civs are coming in October.

New civilizations are coming to Age of Empires 4 in an Anniversary Update this October.

The completely free update will be released on October 25 and will include the Ottoman and Malian civilizations.

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You will be able to lead the mighty Malians of West Africa, one of the richest trading nations of all time, as you focus on strong economic prowess in mining and investing in gold.

Alternatively, you can deploy the Ottomans, one of the longest-lasting empires in history, and its well-trained military. The civilization will also use the largest gunpowder siege weapon available, the Great Bombard.

Alongside these two civilizations, the free Anniversary Update will also include new maps, Achievements, and Masteries, and the content included in the Season Three roadmap.

If you are an Age Insider, you will have the chance to get hands-on experience with the Ottomans, Malians, and other new content as part of an upcoming Public Update Preview.

Should you have yet to give Age of Empires 4 a try, now through Monday, August 29, you can play the game free on Steam as part of a Free Play Week. If you like what you play, the game will be on sale for 50% off through Steam and the Microsoft Store.

To that end, the developers have officially extended Season Two Event Two: By Stars and Sea through Tuesday, August 30, to make sure folks have the chance to earn some cool rewards.

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