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Two Point Campus: How to increase staff and student happiness

A happier campus means better grades!

Two Point Campus is the weird and wonderful simulator that has you micromanaging your very own college campus. Not only can you turn students into budding young scientists, but chefs, clowns, and even wizards, too.

However, if you want your campus to be thriving with talented individuals and high grades, you’re going to need to make sure everyone is happy.

Happiness levels can be tricky to maintain, and I often find myself stuck at 70% happiness, which simply isn’t good enough for the lucrative three-star campus rating!

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your staff and students are as happy as can be. In this guide, we explain how to raise staff and student happiness levels in Two Point Campus!

How do I improve staff happiness in Two Point Campus?

Once you’ve finally employed enough staff to man your campus, things should go swimmingly for the most part, provided that you keep them happy.

After all, happy teachers will deliver great lessons, resulting in even greater grades, while happy admin staff and janitors will keep campus functioning as it should be.

To keep your staff happy, you need to first ensure that you have a good policy surrounding breaks. Make sure your staff aren’t overworked and get time to rest and recuperate between lessons.

They should, hopefully, do this naturally, but if you see a member of staff is exhausted and unhappy, pick them up and send them to the Staff Room in the hopes they may rest.

The second most important means of keeping staff happy is to ensure that the areas they take breaks in are clean and comfortable. Make sure Staff Rooms have easily accessible food and drink, provide a bin to keep things clean, and make sure there’s seating areas.

You'll also want to add radiators and air conditioning to your campus to keep the place warm during the colder months of the year, and cool during summer months. These are unlocked during your third campus!

Additionally, by making break areas into Prestige rooms, staff will feel much happier spending time in them. You can do this by decorating the room with appropriate or request items!

A staff room in Two Point Campus.
This Staff Room is Prestige level 6, and located near a Bathroom as well as classrooms.

While the point of any campus is for students to learn and thrive, sometimes our staff are on the search for further fulfilment. This is where training comes in!

The Training Room only becomes available during your third campus, but you’ll then be able to train staff in new skills (or improve their current ones) for a small fee. This does mean that the staff member will be out of action for a period of time, however, but the training will be worthwhile for both them and their students.

A Training Room in Two Point Campus.
Here's what a Training Room looks like.

After training a staff member, sometimes a pay raise may be due. If you want to raise your campus value, it’s best to avoid pay raises where possible, but they can improve staff happiness dramatically when given. So, if one particular member of staff is causing you some issues in terms of their happiness, give them a break and a pay rise and hope for the best.

To summarise how to improve staff happiness:

  • Give them breaks, and make sure they’re taking them
  • Make sure staff break spaces are clean and decorated
  • Train staff in new skills, or improve their current ones
  • Give staff a rise in pay when it’s due
  • Build Bathrooms near break spaces
  • Place radiators or air conditioning to regulate temperatures

How do I improve student happiness in Two Point Campus?

When it comes to keeping students happy, they’re not too dissimilar from the staff. However, they do have even more ways of keeping them happy and entertained, which is a plus!

Much like staff, the students need clean and comfortable spaces to relax and study. This means building ample Dormitories, as well as Shower Rooms and student spaces. Dormitories will need beds, wardrobes, and desks for students to study at, and Shower Rooms should be placed nearby so that they can be as ready as possible for classes.

A Dormitory in Two Point Campus.
This is a Prestige 4 Dormitory, located near a Bathroom, Shower Room. Improve this by building club stands or a Student Union nearby!

Students will need various student spaces, such as a Student Union to be able to relax and host events. Make sure these spaces have seating, as well as food and drink, and a bin for any litter. Also, much like staff, radiators and air conditioning are necessary for keeping everyone at the right temperature.

That said, also be sure to schedule events in these spaces throughout the year to keep students entertained and let them blow off some steam. Be sure to make these spaces into Prestige rooms, too, and students will be all the more happy for it.

In addition, you can also set up extracurricular activities and clubs for students to keep them entertained outside of class. Get two or three of these stands set up for each academic year for students to participate in!

The event setup menu in Two Point Campus is shown.
Go to the Course Management panel, select the Timetable, and from here, you can schedule events like the ones shown above!

Sometimes, students will need special care. They'll often run into pastoral issues or accidents that require them medical care, and for this you'll need to build Pastoral Care rooms and Medical Rooms.

Once built and staffed with trained assistants, your students will take themselves there when necessary. However, if you find them dawdling or need to raise happiness quick, you can select them and send them there!

Also, if a student isn't performing too well and they're worried about failing, you can build Private Tuition rooms and have them put in some extra hours. You can send them for private tuition by selecting them and dropping them in the room, as you would with pastoral and medical care!

Another thing to look out for is overcrowding of your campus. If you accept too many open days, too many students will enrol, and more issues with hygeine, cleanliness, sleep, and entertainment will arise as everyone scrambles for facilities. So, keep an eye on how many students you have, and if worst comes to worst, you can expel them.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out students Assignments and Personal Goals; these will crop up in your messages in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

A student's Personal Goal in Two Point Campus can be seen.
Set up events and clubs to keep students entertained outside of class!

An Assignment goal means a student requires a piece of equipment to finish their work, while a Personal Goal will often be a student wishing for an item, event, or club to improve their entertainment and happiness. This is perhaps the easiest ways to keep students happy, so pay attention to them!

To summarise how to improve student happiness:

  • Make sure student spaces are clean and decorated
  • Build more student spaces for relaxing and events, i.e. Student Union
  • Host events such as parties and film nights
  • Fulfil students’ Assignment Goals and Personal Goals
  • Build Bathrooms near student spaces
  • Place radiators or air conditioning to regulate temperatures
  • Build Pastoral Care and Medical Rooms to tend to students wellness
  • Send failing students to Private Tuition rooms
  • Don't overcrowd your campus

You can check both happiness and energy levels of staff and students from the Personnel Management tab, and manage their requests from your messages, as shown below.

A list of students in Two Point Campus, showing their happiness and energy levels.
Make sure the exhausted students are sleeping, and keep the unhappy ones entertained.

This is how you should be monitoring what’s going on across campus, and keeping an eye on what issues you run into that may cause happiness levels to drop.

With suitable rooms, decor, bins, refreshments, and entertainment, both students and staff should be as happy as can be across your campus!

For more on Two Point Campus, don’t forget to check out how to Prestige rooms. These won’t just make everyone happier, but they’ll increase the value of your campus too.

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