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Two Point Campus: How to train staff

For the highest of grades, you’ll need experienced staff.

Two Point Campus is the simulation title that takes you back to university, and follows on from its equally wacky predecessor, Two Point Hospital. This time around, though, you can go above and beyond as you manage clown colleges and science schools galore, all in a bid to turn a profit and some talented students.

There’s more to running a campus than building classrooms and hiring teachers. If you want to end the year with minimal drop-outs and plenty of high grades, you’ll want to train your staff, so they can be the very best at their job, or pick up new skills. As a result, lessons delivered across the campus will be all the more rewarding (for the students, anyway).

Here’s how to train staff so that you can attain the highest grades even when it seems your Two Point Campus might be falling apart. There’ll be no expulsions or dropouts this year!

How do I train staff in Two Point Campus?

After finishing up with the tutorials, you’ll have a little more free rein over your campus. You’ll be able to hire better staff with unique pros and cons, and later, you can also begin to train them further.

During your first and second campus, you’ll have to accept your staff for who they are, cons and all. However, while setting up your third campus - a college for robotics - you’ll unlock the Training Room. The suggestions and goals while on this campus will walk you through using the room for the very first time.

A Training Room in Two Point Campus.
Here's what your Training Room and Training Pod looks like!

Essentially, go into your build menu and select the Training Room. Build it, add a Training Pod and then decorate it however you please. Once the room is ready, you can simply drag and drop your chosen member of staff into the Training Room, or you can click the Training Pod and select a member of staff to train from there.

Obviously, your staff can’t teach themselves. This means that whenever you choose to train a member of staff, it’s going to come with a small fee! For example, in the below image we have chosen to train one of our Robotics teachers, Billy Bork. To train him in Happy Thoughts, it’s only $375, but a pinch of Gastronomy training will set us back $1000.

All staff and students have equally ridiculous names.

Training also takes time from your staff’s valuable schedule. Training Billy Bork in Happy Thoughts will mean that he is unavailable to teach for the next thirty days, so, you may need to find another teacher to replace them temporarily.

After having unlocked the Training Room, you can also unlock Training Pod 2 and Training Pod 3 if you have someone study them in a Research Lab; you’ll need a teacher and students with robotics know-how to do this. Once researched, simply select your Training Pod and assign a janitor to upgrade it!

Bear in mind what you want your members of staff to specialise in, and always make sure there’s enough man-power around your campus when training is happening. Additionally, keep in mind that you can always train staff in new subjects if you wish to eventually deliver new courses when the next academic year rolls around.

Once you’ve trained your first staff member, you’ll get an Achievement titled ‘A Little Wiser’. Now it’s time to pass on what they’ve learnt to your campus of college students!

For more on Two Point Campus, don’t forget to check out how to keep both your staff and students happy; this is important for a campus to thrive!

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