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What time does MultiVersus Season One start?

MultiVersus is officially coming out out today – but what time is that around the world?

If you've been eager to play Player First Games' ambitious Smash-like fighter, MultiVersus, you'll know that the open beta has been pretty indicative of what the game's actual full release is going to look like: there are tons of characters, a load of stages, a small battle pass to work through, and more besides.

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The open beta has been in progress since July 26 – about three weeks now – and has attracted a frankly obscene number of players in that time: as of August 10, MultiVersus reached 10.6 million total players, and that number is likely to shoot up even higher with the official launch of the game and the start of Season One later today (August 15).

But what time does MultiVersus Season One kick off? Using past information from the beta, and some hints from the developer itself, we've made our best guess in the guide below.

What time does MultiVersus Season One start?

MultiVersus Season One is set to go live on Monday, August 15. Though there hasn't been official confirmation from the developer about when the game will go live, head of Player First Games, Tony Huynh, seems to think things will kick off at: 6pm (BST), 7pm (CEST), 1pm (EDT), and 10am (PDT).

Of course, as is often the way with live games, this time should be used only as a stencil: things can happen, and sometimes we've seen release times start later (or earlier) than developers anticipate.

What's new in MultiVersus in Season One?

Perhaps the biggest headline of the new season will be the addition of two new characters: Rick and Morty (from, well, Rick and Morty).

Morty will be available from August 23, will be an 'advanced character', per the devs, and will fit into the Bruiser class (similarly to Garnet, Batman, Jake the Dog, LeBron James, Shaggy, and Taz). Bruisers are the frontline fighters in MultiVersus, and tend to be great damage-dealing characters that can control the flow of battle. Expect Morty to hit hard, but perhaps lack in finishing moves as a result.

Rick is due to be added to the game at some point during the season, too, but currently there is no release date for Rick Sanchez. LeBron launched on July 26, then we get Season One on August 15, and we're getting Morty on August 28. So we expect Rick to launch roughly in two to three weeks time, if that cadence is kept up.

Throughout the rest of Season 1, we're also going to see a Classic Arcade mode added to the game, as well as a selection of new cosmetics (such as icons, banners, skin variants), as well as an overhauled Ranked mode.

You can see what to expect from the MultiVersus Season One rollout in the snapshot embedded below.

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