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MultiVersus' player count isn't doing so hot, with fans unhappy at infrequent updates

The game hasn't pushed above a four figure player count since September.

MultiVersus, the Warner Bros. IP-laden Smash-like game doesn't seem to be doing so hot, as its player count is averaging in the four figures.

As spotted by Polygon, if you head to MultiVersus' SteamDB, which tracks things like how many players are in-game right now, as well as player peaks. Only problem for MultiVersus, is that it hasn't had a player count higher than the four figures since the middle of September. At the time of writing, the game's 24-hour peak is currently sitting at a surprisingly low 1,223 players, a far cry from the 100,000 it had when the open beta launched.

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Important to note is that SteamDB only tracks the PC version of the game, as it uses data pulled from Steam, something it can't do for the console platforms MultiVersus is also on, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Whether MultiVersus has that much of a higher player count on console than it does on PC is impossible to know, but overall the picture looks a little grim.

Developer Player First Games has struggled to maintain a stable pace with the game since it launched, and recently delayed the end date of season 2. Announced last week, season 2 has been extended to March 31, and checking the replies to the tweet providing this news, you can see that fans aren't exactly happy.

A number of fans have in particular expressed wanting more characters, as the most recent was Marvin the Martian in November. It's completely understandable that a fighting game is taking its time to release a new character, as it takes a lot of fine tuning to get them right. But for a live service title, a lack of frequent updates can make players bounce off, maybe showing that a game like this doesn't work as free-to-play.

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