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MultiVersus is finally relaunching next week, and it's bringing the iconic duo, er, Jason Voorhees and The Matrix's Agent Smith with it

If you got 'em, flaunt 'em.

A still from the MultiVersus launch trailer, The Joker is sat in Game of Thrones' Iron Throne, Jason Voorhees to his right, The Matrix's Agent Smith to his left, Wonder Woman and Rick Sanchez in the foreground.
Image credit: Warner Bros/ Player First Games

After facing controversy for a lengthy offline period, MultiVersus is back with its full launch next week, and it's adding a funny pairing of characters with it.

Earlier today, Player First Games released its launch trailer for MultiVersus, which is finally coming back next week, May 28. The trailer is all CG, showing characters like Finn and Velma facing off against Bugs Bunny and The Joker, and Marvin the Martian and the Iron Giant against Cake the Cat and Stripe. All of this culminates with a bunch of the game's playable characters eventually arriving at Game of Thrones' Iron Throne, with The Joker perched on it, quite clearly outnumbered.

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Of course, he has some backup, as a couple more classic villains warp in: Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees, and The Matrix's Agent Smith. Alright, a bit of an odd combo, but hey, if you've got the IP, use it I suppose? They are of course new additions, alongside The Joker himself, though I do have to say adding in Agent Smith before Neo is a bit of an odd choice.

It is actually quite significant that Jason has been added in too, as the Friday the 13th series has been kind of off limits while a lawsuit raged on for a number of years. That lawsuit was settled back in 2021, and just recently a whole multimedia Jason Universe was announced, so this will actually mark the first big thing the classic slasher villain appears in in quite some time.

Alongside The Joker, Jason, and Agent Smith, the game will be receiving, uh, Adventure Time's Banana Guard as a new playable character. A strange bunch altogether, pardon the pun. The game will also launch with a new PvE mode called Rifts, all of which contain unique versions of different characters, kind of like Smash Bros' Classic Mode.

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