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MultiVersus Season 1 start date confirmed for next week, Morty coming later

MultiVersus Season 1 will launch on August 15, 2022, but – oh jeez – you're going to have to wait a little longer for Morty.

It's been a fairly bumpy road, but finally we have a solid release date for the first proper season of Multiversus: August 15.

A statement from the game's official account over on Twitter confirmed the new release date for the multiplatform, Smash-like fighting game, and noted that the next character – the eponymous Morty from Rick and Morty – will be available from August 23.

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“We’re excited to announce Season 1 will begin on August 15 with a brand-new Battle Pass for you to earn in-game rewards!” says a tweet announcing the new date. “We can also confirm Morty will join the character roster on August 23 as part of Season 1. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!”

Don't expect new modes and new content right off the bat, though; that's all coming a little bit later, as new elements of the game will be added throughout the first season.

“Quick Note: Everything we are bringing to you in Season 1 will not drop on the same day,” says a follow-up tweet. “New modes and content will be spread through the life of the Season. We'll continue to share dates on all the fun things to come!” That means that big changes, like the overhaul targeting the hitbox and hurtbox system, could drop mid-Season and not necessarily right at the start.

This follows on from the news that dropped on August 4 that confirmed the game's proper launch would be pushed back a little bit as publisher WB Games and developer Player First Games tightened some screws and got to work on the backend of the game.

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