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MultiVersus' hitbox and hurtbox system is getting a "big overhaul"

The game's director recently explained that some bigger changes need to take place before certain characters get a proper update.

According to MultiVersus director Tony Huynh, the game's hitbox and hurtbox system is going to get a "big overhaul."

We've had our hands on the Smash Bros-like MultiVersus for coming up to two weeks now, so obviously the team at Player First Games will have a stronger idea of what does and doesn't need changing. And based on what Huynh is saying, as spotted by VGC, it's the hitbox and hurtbox system that needs some big changes.

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In response to a follower asking if Finn would be receiving a particular nerf, Huynh said "We’ll be looking at Finn in sections, we are working on a big overhaul of our hitbox/hurtbox system so don’t want too many moving parts."

For some context, a hitbox is something you'll find in many games that is quite literally an invisible box that is used to determine whether the model is colliding with another object. In turn, a hurtbox is again an invisible box, this time on a character that detects where it can be hit.

It's something you'll find in every game that features some kind of action, but it's incredibly important for a fighting game to have a very accurate hitbox/ hurtbox system. If things are off by even a millimeter, it can completely change how you have to play.

Earlier this week, Player First Games announced that MultiVersus' season one has received a delay. The earliest launch for season one appears to be August 15, but so far the only confirmation is that that is when the pre-season battle pass will end.

Morty of Rick and Morty was meant to launch with season one as well, but with the delay that obviously isn't the case any more. Rick is also planned to launch some time during season one, but once again with the delay whenever he was meant to launch will have also been pushed back.

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