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Tower of Fantasy: How to change language options for text and voice

Here's how to play Tower of Fantasy in your native language.

Tower of Fantasy is a sci-fi and fantasy-fuelled RPG based in a vibrant, habitable, alien world. However, catastrophe has struck, and it's your job to fulfil the role of the hero! Before you even get stuck into the game and figure out who your favourite Simulacrum is, you'll want to make sure your settings are in check.

That being said, arguably one of the most important settings to get right is your language. Otherwise, how are you going to know what anything is, right? With Tower of Fantasy coming from Level Infinite - a subsidiary of Chinese gaming giant, Tencent Games - a lot of players jumping into the game have found their game to be in Chinese, with no option to change it.

Fortunately, there is fix for this until Level Infinite dish out a fix themselves. In this guide, we explain how to change the text and voice language in Tower of Fantasy, and what to do if these options aren't in your settings!

How do I change language in Tower of Fantasy?

After you've finally taken the plunge into Tower of Fantasy, accessing your settings and customising them to suit you is simple. Whilst in-game, navigate to the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner.

In your settings, the Language tab will be at the very bottom along the left of your screen - like the below screenshot!

The language settings menu for Tower of Fantasy is shown.
Here's what your language settings should look like (although, your chosen language may be different!)

You can then select Language, and from here, you'll be able to adjust your game text and voice language however you please. Although, there is one setback; not all languages are available in Tower of Fantasy. It's not yet known if Level Infinite plan to introduce more, here's to hoping that they do!

There's no option to change the text language in Tower of Fantasy - what do I do?

It appears that some players of Tower of Fantasy have found that their in-game text is in Chinese from the get-go, with no option to change it. In these instances, when navigating to the Language settings, it appears there's simply no option to change your game text language.

While Level Infinite is yet to issue a fix, the people of Reddit have found a temporary fix for PC players. This involves modifying the games files ever so slightly, but is very easy to do!

With the game closed, open File Explorer and find the folder for Tower of Fantasy. From here, you'll want to click through the folders as follows: Tower of Fantasy > Hotta > Content > PatchPaks.

In the PatchPaks folder, you'll find a file named MyCultureName - delete this file. Now, launch your game and it will be in English! Sadly, there's no temporary fix to have the game work in any other language just yet.

Hopefully, any language issues you had before are now settled. For more on Tower of Fantasy, don't forget to take a look at what the most powerful Simulacrum and weapons are, as well as how to upgrade your weapons.

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