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September 2020 Archive

    1. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has a new face for Peter, spruced up environments, more
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies features new ways to progress, classic Perks, and Cold War weapons
    3. Genshin Impact FAQ - Play with friends, Update Failed, Slow Download
    4. Dead by Daylight, Celeste, Jotun, more coming to Stadia Pro in October
    5. Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your October PS Plus games
    6. Godfall cinematic trailer sets up the story, now available for PS5 digital pre-order
    7. 20,000 Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters were banned this week
    8. Niantic rolls back some temporary Pokemon Go changes, keeps others
    9. Cyberpunk 2077 goes into mandatory crunch, studio head says team will be "well compensated"
    10. Fortnite Birthday Challenges: Where to find all the Birthday Cakes
    11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pumpkin guide - How to grow different colours and find all the DIY recipes
    12. Call of Duty Warzone gets new OP killstreak Foresight
    13. Watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal here
    14. Call of Duty Warzone crashing after Season 6 update
    1. Horizons expansion to be included with Elite Dangerous in October
    2. Demon's Souls Digital Deluxe Edition and digital pre-order bonus announced
    3. Assassin's Creed Valhalla trailer takes a look at the story
    4. Torchlight 3 will leave Steam Early Access on October 13
    5. Xbox Games with Gold October: Costume Quest, Maid of Sker, more
    6. Crusader Kings 3 players have cannibalized a pope, had 40m+ kids, and instigated 1.4m+ holy wars
    7. Brutal Legend, Forza Motorsport 7, more coming to Xbox Game Pass in October
    8. Patch 1.1 introduces hundreds of updates and fixes to Crusader Kings 3
    9. EA Play will be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate November 10
    10. Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion Crown Tundra releases in October
    11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Survival Mode arrives on PC and Xbox this week
    12. Yakuza: Like a Dragon saves won't transfer from PS4 to PS5
    13. Xbox Series X 1TB storage only uses 800GB for games
    14. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance DLC detailed, listed for December 2020
    15. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 patch notes are live
    1. Nintendo and Sony confirmed for Amazon Prime Day
    2. Xbox Series X loading times massively outperform Xbox One X
    3. Yakuza: Like a Dragon coming to PlayStation 5 in March 2021
    4. Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 pre-load now live on PS4
    5. Monster Hunter Iceborne's final update trailer shows off the legendary dragon Fatalis
    6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons wins Game of the Year at Tokyo Games Show 2020
    7. Netflix has recast a major role for Season 2 of The Witcher
    8. Final Fantasy 16's graphics are still being worked on
    9. Ex-Rockstar producer raises $40m for open-world game Everywhere
    1. A live-action Yakuza movie is currently in development
    2. Vergil DLC coming to Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 and Xbox One
    3. You can play as young Impa in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
    4. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness coming to Netflix in 2021
    5. Here's your first look at Dan Hibiki in Street Fighter V
    6. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch and more in 2021
    7. Kunimitsu joining Tekken 7 roster this Fall
    1. Godfall deep dive covers combat techniques, weapons, and more
    2. Report: Michel Ancel Accused of Abusive, Disruptive Practices on Beyond Good & Evil 2
    3. Monster Hunter Rise trailer shows additional gameplay footage
    4. The Baroque Beauty of Valkyrie Profile, Tri-Ace's Greatest RPG
    5. Beyond Light will require you to download Destiny 2 again
    6. South of the Circle, Die by the Blade and more of our favourite indie games this week
    7. Metal Gear classics head to GOG alongside Castlevania, Contra
    8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall update adds Halloween event, Pumpkins and more
    9. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory multiplayer details, demo coming next month
    10. Capcom "looking into" bringing Resident Evil Village to PS4 and Xbox One
    11. Xbox Game Pass on phone can give the Switch a run for its money - in the right conditions
    12. VR controller patents hint at inside-out tracking for the next PSVR
    13. Mortal Kombat 11 may have at one point included more of the 1995 movie actors
    14. Here's GTA 3 running on Switch
    15. Here's our first look at Call of Duty: Warzone's new subway stations, coming with Season 6
    1. Marvel's Avengers patched, players being handed free Polychoron and Uru
    2. Amazon announces its cloud gaming service, Luna
    3. GTA Online players earn double this week in Mobile Operations Missions, plus an extra GTA$100K
    4. Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month
    5. Pokemon Masters interview: looking back on the first year of another huge mobile spin-off
    6. The Division 2, Vermintide 2, and Bomber Crew are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend
    7. Mafia: Definitive Edition reviews round-up, all the scores
    8. Nier Replicant release date set for April
    9. Microsoft Flight Simulator first world update out next week, focuses on Japan
    10. Nioh 2's second DLC Darkness in the Capital lands in October
    11. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Collect Floating Rings at Coral Castle
    12. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Jump through a flaming ring at Salty Springs
    13. Fall Guys PC launch revenue is the highest since Overwatch
    14. The back of the Xbox Series X retail box prominently features Master Chief, so fans replaced him with Craig
    15. It'll cost you $220 to expand Xbox Series X/S storage
    16. No free PS5 upgrades for owners of Spider-Man on PS4
    1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent and A Machine For Pigs out now as open source
    2. Major Nelson chats with Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Bethesda's Todd Howard and Pete Hines
    3. Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access delayed to October 6, Lairan talks romance in the game
    4. Maneater coming to PS5, Xbox Series S/X with ray-tracing, native 4K at 60 fps, and free next-gen upgrade
    5. Wasteland 3 patch addresses stability issues, balances Antique Appraiser, more
    6. The Game Awards 2020 set for December 10
    7. No Man's Sky Origins update comes with new planets, biomes, sandworms
    8. Tactical shooter Squad leaves Early Access today after five years in active development
    9. Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime returns to games with Dreamhaven, a new game company
    10. Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 seemingly being re-released on PC
    11. Outbreak Day renamed to The Last of Us Day, "exciting things" planned for this weekend
    12. Microsoft will consider more developer acquisitions because it's harder to build studios
    13. Destiny 2: Signal Intercepted - How to complete the Memories of Helsom quest
    14. Xbox Series X and Series S demand has been "record breaking," more units to be available at launch
    1. Halo 3: ODST now available for PC with Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    2. Red Dead Online players should be on the lookout for Legendary bears this week
    3. The Master Chief Collection in 2020: Passion, Tech Debt, and the Heartbeat of Halo Fandom
    4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 trailer shows Farah and Nikolai take the fight underground
    5. Fortnite and Rocket League crossover event Llama-Rama kicks off this weekend
    6. Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer takes you to the frozen moon of Europa
    7. Bright Memory Infinite coming to Xbox Series S/X in 2021
    8. Serious Sam 4 gets a story trailer just ahead of release
    9. FIFA 21 not getting a demo
    10. Call of Duty: Warzone getting one last double everything weekend before the end of Season 5
    11. Activision says no Call of Duty account hacks have occurred, no details compromised
    12. New Xbox app beta lets you download Xbox games even before you buy them
    13. Xbox Game Pass subscribers grow to 15 million
    14. 'Starfield as a replacement for Halo Infinite this holiday season' - is this the worst take on Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda?
    15. Original Spider-Man PS4 saves won't work with the PS5 remaster
    1. Online-only 'BlizzConline' announced for February 2021
    2. Check out the Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time launch trailer here
    3. Prime Gaming adds new SNK games, Apex Legends skin, Rocket Arena and more
    4. Red Dead Online leaks suggest Halloween update is in the works
    5. Hades Keepsakes: Who to give Nectar to
    6. GhostWire: Tokyo and Deathloop Will Still Be Timed PS5 Exclusives, Phil Spencer Confirms
    7. Xbox will honor the PS5 exclusivity agreement for Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo
    8. BTS will debut new music video inside Fortnite
    9. Microsoft buying Skyrim, Fallout and Doom publisher Bethesda
    10. Hacker trolls Elden Ring fans by creating fake Instagram account to tease upcoming news
    11. Hades sells 1,000,000 copies across Switch and PC
    12. God of War director Cory Barlog sneakily teased Ragnarok over a year ago and no one noticed
    13. Surprise! Freedom Fighters re-release out now on PC [Update]
    14. Cyberpunk 2077 may get more detailed PC specs for 4K and ray tracing
    15. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is not coming to PC
    16. There may be fewer PS5 Digital Edition consoles at retail compared to the base model - reports
    1. Elder Scrolls Online wraps up its Skyrim story with new Markarth DLC
    2. Untitled Goose Game's second playable goose gets a brand new honk
    3. Great One Beast boss fully restored thanks to new Bloodborne mod
    4. PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch size comparison shows off just how big next-gen units are
    5. Wandering Ancient chosen as World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' next mount
    6. Super Mario 64: Jolly Roger Bay Stars - Plunder in the Sunken Ship, 100 Coins and more
    7. Super Mario 64: Tiny-Huge Island Stars - Pluck the Piranha Flower, 5 Itty Bitty Secrets and more
    8. Super Mario 64: Whomp's Fortress Stars - Shoot into the Wild Blue, Blast Away the Wall and more
    9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will take up at least 105GB on PS5
    10. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War snipers will be nerfed in time for Beta
    1. Support for Fortnite: Save the World is ending on Mac
    2. Doom Eternal Switch version is "very close"
    3. Cyberpunk 2077's campaign won't be as long as The Witcher 3's
    4. Sony: PS5 pre-orders could have been a lot smoother, will release more consoles for pre-order over the next few days
    5. Origins is the latest update for No Man's Sky and it's coming next week
    6. PS5 pre-order customers may not get the console at launch, says Amazon
    7. Marvel's Avengers patch 1.3.0 fixes a ton of issues
    1. What's Your Favorite Nintendo 3DS Game?
    2. Observer: System Redux will be released on Xbox Series X and PS5 at launch
    3. Cyberpunk 2077 video takes you on a tour of Night City
    4. Here's a look at the various gangs in Cyberpunk 2077
    5. Cyberpunk 2077 missions are "hand-tailored", like The Witcher
    6. Cyberpunk 2077 features "genital replacement" sex augmentations
    7. Spelunky 2 Shortcuts: Where to find a Hired Hand, Golden Key
    8. Cyberpunk 2077 minimum and recommended PC specs announced
    9. Sony considered a low-spec PS5, but decided against it because it would've been "problematic"
    10. Super Mario 64 ultimate guide: Where to find every Star, Red Coin and Cap
    11. Super Mario 64: Rainbow Ride Stars
    12. Demon's Souls official store page reveals new weapon as a pre-order bonus, then removes it
    13. Super Mario 64: Tick Tock Clock Stars
    14. Customizable Ghosts coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light
    15. Super Mario 64: Tall, Tall Mountain Stars
    16. Super Mario 64: Wet-Dry World Stars
    17. Super Mario 64: Castle Secret Stars, Cap unlocks for the Red Blue and Green Boxes
    18. Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire episode 3 airs today - watch it here
    19. PSA: Nvidia Shadowplay now records HDR gameplay
    20. Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck - How to get the Convergence Shotgun
    21. Beyond Good and Evil 2 development continues as Michel Ancel leaves the industry to work with wildlife
    22. Disintegration dropping multiplayer and shutting down servers by November
    23. J.K. Rowling "not involved" in the creation of the new Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter game
    24. Super Mario 64: Snowman's Land Stars
    25. Sony confirms no PS5 backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2 or PS3
    26. Super Mario 64: Shifting Sand Land Stars
    27. Super Mario 64: Lethal Lava Land Stars
    28. Super Mario 64: Hazy Maze Cave Stars
    29. Super Mario 64: Big Boo's Haunt Stars
    30. Super Mario 64: Cool, Cool Mountain Stars
    31. Here's the Demon's Souls remake side-by-side with the original
    32. Super Mario 64: Dire, Dire Docks Stars
    33. Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars
    34. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alpha pre-load is live on PS4 - here's what you get to play
    35. Here's exactly when Xbox Series X/S pre-orders go live in your region
    1. Strategy game Empire of Sin will be released in December
    2. Rebellion bringing Sniper Elite 4 to Nintendo Switch
    3. Oculus no longer developing PC-only VR
    4. Wasteland 3 The Traitor Quest - How to get the best ending and arrest Liberty Buchanan alive
    5. Sea of Thieves, Hunt: Showdown, and Warhammer: Chaosbane are free to play with Gold
    6. Wasteland 3 Lords of War Quest - Should you free Ironclad Cordite?
    7. Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 free on Epic Games Store
    8. Godfall release date set for November 12
    9. Manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has ended
    10. Unpacking, Blind Fate and more of our favourite PAX Online x EGX Digital reveals
    11. Ori and the Will of the Wisps lands on Nintendo Switch today
    12. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin announced for summer 2021
    13. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition tech video shows off ray tracing
    14. Monster Hunter Rise coming to Switch March 26
    15. There will be more PS5 stock available compared to when PS4 hit shelves
    16. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Destroy Collector Cases at The Collection
    17. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Where to find Gatherers
    18. Today's Nintendo Direct Mini will focus on partner games - watch here
    19. "We are not going to go down the road of putting new releases into a subscription model," says PlayStation head
    20. Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Ultimate Edition comes with a PS5 remaster of the PS4 game
    21. Now Square Enix is saying Final Fantasy 16 is only coming to PS5
    22. Demon's Souls is not actually coming to PC, Sony clarifies
    23. Sony confirms raising first-party game prices to $70/£70/€80 on PS5
    24. Deathloop's new PS5 trailer is about getting two targets in the same place at the same time
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer shows off the campaign
    2. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X
    3. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy A Big Adventure, and Horizon Forbidden West coming to PS4
    4. PlayStation 5: here are the five launch titles from Sony studios
    5. God of War sequel confirmed for PS5, due 2021
    6. PS5 pre-orders open tomorrow at select retailers
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer alpha kicks off Friday on PS4
    8. PS5 launches November 12 in some regions, and the rest of the world on November 19
    9. Demon's Souls gameplay shown off in new trailer
    10. Resident Evil Village - check out the new trailer
    11. Here's a better look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay
    12. Hogwarts Legacy announced for 2021 - coming to PC, current and next-gen
    13. Final Fantasy 16 announced as a PlayStation console exclusive, also coming to PC
    14. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will release on December 11
    15. Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand community update out next week
    16. New Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed games confirmed for Oculus
    17. PS5 price and pre-orders seemingly leaked by Euro retailer
    18. Switch Online adding Donkey Kong Country 2, Mario’s Super Picross, more
    19. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time demo available today for those who pre-order
    20. Take-Two CEO is thankful the publisher "didn’t waste any money" on VR
    21. New Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered listing shows off Nintendo Switch version
    22. Nintendo Switch Online has over 26 million members
    23. The new Nvidia Broadcast app is a mind boggling, incredible piece of technology
    24. Nvidia RTX 3080 review: 60fps, 4K, ray-traced gaming finally hits a fair price
    25. Super Mario 3D All-Stars review: a bare bones wrapper around three stone-cold classics
    26. EA Desktop app beta sign-ups now open
    27. Horizon Zero Dawn's 1.05 PC patch is here
    28. Borderlands 3: How to open the Vaulthalla Secret Room
    29. Watch the PS5 Showcase: FF16, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Hogwarts Legacy, more
    30. The Invincible is a new sci-fi adventure from ex-CDPR and Techland devs
    31. Activision seemingly working on a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone
    32. Take-Two CEO defends $70 price for PS5 and Xbox Series X games
    1. With Launch Behind It, Riot is Already Looking Ahead to Valorant's Next Decade
    2. Crysis Remastered tech trailer shows the original compared to 8K visuals
    3. Watch Dogs: Legion PC specs outline 1080p,1440p, and 4K ultra settings
    4. Rocket League will go free-to-play next week on September 23
    5. Amnesia: Rebirth coming October 20 to PC and PlayStation 4
    6. Dontnod's Twin Mirror releases in December, check out the new trailer
    7. Ghostrunner releases in October, new demo coming soon
    8. Ray tracing and DLSS comes to Fortnite this week
    9. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review: A Cruel Kaiju's Thesis
    10. Fall Guys Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus update is live
    11. Gods and Monsters’ name changed due to Monster Energy contesting trademark
    12. Zero-G FPS Boundary is getting a ray tracing benchmark
    13. Xbox Series X/S detailed specs confirm Wi-Fi 5, no USB-C
    14. EA renames Origin to the EA Desktop app
    15. Sony to ship PS5 consoles by air to the US to meet demand this holiday
    16. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 becomes the fastest ever THPS to reach 1 million sales
    17. Sony forced to cut PS5 production by 4 million due to yield problems - report [Update]
    1. Vermintide 2, Company of Heroes 2, more coming to Xbox Game Pass this month
    2. Star Wars: Squadrons animated short is a flashy prequel to the game's campaign
    3. Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate launches tomorrow with over 150 games
    4. Fall Guys quarantined its worst players on a special ‘Cheater Island’
    5. Halo 3: ODST drops on PC next week
    6. Spelunky 2 reviews roundup – all the scores
    7. Nintendo Switch sales just broke another industry record
    8. IKEA partnering with ASUS for new line of ‘gamer furniture’
    9. Celebrate 20 years of Hitman with Agent 47 voice actor David Bateson
    10. Console Wars is now a documentary, coming to CBS All Access September 23
    11. Borderlands 3: Where to find the SpongeBoss BulletPants miniboss
    12. Oculus Quest 2 leaked by Facebook
    13. Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck - Signal to Noise Castle Crimson Crew Challenge
    14. A Borderlands 3 Switch port may be in the works
    15. Naughty Dog created Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4's engine for that one moment
    16. Twitch plays Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn't a disaster
    1. Spelunky 2 Review: Whip it Good
    2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare knife throw ends with the most satisfying kill you’ll see this week
    3. Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will be held online, citing on-going Covid-19 concerns
    4. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2’s ‘zany’ Adventure Mode detailed
    5. Foundation devs show off medieval city-building masterclass
    6. New Super Mario Bros and Lost Levels sites celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary
    7. Godfall's new Combat Trailer shows off more PS5 gameplay
    8. Watch Sid Meier discuss his incredible career at PAX Digital x EGX Digital
    1. Borderlands 3 coming to next-gen, new Vault Hunter skill trees, additional DLC, four-player local co-op, more
    2. Remedy celebrating 25th anniversary by handing out Death Rally Classic
    3. Star Wars: Squadrons will feature HOTAS support on consoles
    4. PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition box contents leak
    5. DwarfHeim goes into Early Access in October, new demo coming today
    6. Planned Xbox Series S briefing leaks online
    7. Next PlayStation 5 Showcase takes place on September 16
    8. PS5 title Kena: Bridge of Spirits pushed into early 2021
    1. What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?
    2. Xbox Series S backwards compatible titles won't feature Xbox Series X enhancements
    3. Panzer Dragoon Remake coming "soon" to PC and PS4
    4. Wasteland 3 The Psychopath Quest - How to get Victory Buchanan out alive
    5. No Place for Bravery, Uragun, Gamedec and more of our favourite PAX Online x EGX Digital reveals
    6. Hyper Scape is getting a limited-time mode next week called Turbo Mode
    7. No, the new Xbox console names aren't confusing - but the Xbox One must die ASAP
    8. Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – Signal to Noise Benediction to Pain Crew Challenge
    9. Baldur's Gate 3 lets viewers pick dialogue choices for streamers
    10. Check out the Dragon's Dogma anime opening
    11. The Xbox Series X stand can't be removed
    12. Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – Signal to Noise Sapphire's Run Crew Challenge
    13. Ninja is back on Twitch
    14. Xbox Series X/S to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
    15. Control Deluxe Edition owners accidentally get upgraded to Ultimate Edition after 505 Games said it wasn't possible
    1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Episode 3 - Red Patriot arrives September 15
    2. Roller Champions will be released in early 2021
    3. Rainbow Six Siege is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X
    4. Riders Republic is a massively multiplayer outdoor sports game
    5. Watch Dogs: Legion video shows off recruitment, Aiden Pearce to be playable
    6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake Brings the Prince Back to His Throne
    7. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a Colorful Throwback to Classic 3D Platformers
    8. Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Ubisoft's Zelda-like emulates BOTW gameplay, but can it nail the charm?
    9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition coming this holiday
    10. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is out in January
    11. Immortals Fenyx Rising releases on December 3
    12. Ubisoft CEO addresses recent controversies surrounding the company
    13. GTA Online players earn double rewards in Business Battles this week
    14. Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – How to defeat evil Brick and Mordecai
    15. Madden 21, Rugby 20, and Diablo 3 free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate
    16. Tell Me Why: Chapter 3 Review: Facing the Facts
    17. No More Heroes 3 release pushed into 2021
    18. Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire episode 3 will air on September 18
    19. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Where to find Panther's Prowl
    20. Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 - Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries
    21. Ubisoft Forward kicks off this afternoon – watch it here
    22. GameStop to offer instalment plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
    23. Ubisoft confirms Skull and Bones reboot
    24. PC Game Pass' $5 price is ending soon
    25. Here's how Microsoft will compensate players who already subscribe to both Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play
    26. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake leaked
    27. Remedy dev shares concern about Xbox Series S
    28. Here's our first look at the Xbox Series X retail box
    29. 120fps confirmed for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer revealed - here's the details
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta dates confirmed
    3. Amazon Australia leak shows five new PS5 game covers
    4. Marvel's Avengers patch resolves a number of playthroughs stoppers, more
    5. Xbox Series S delivers the same core experience as Xbox Series X, just at a reduced resolution
    6. Assassin's Creed Valhalla release date moved to November 10 for Xbox Series X launch
    7. EA Play to be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting this holiday
    8. Xbox Series X coming November 10 for $499, pre-orders open September 22
    9. UFC 4 bug turns fighter into a giant
    10. Watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal here today
    11. Just Cause 3 dev Avalanche hiring for "the largest and greatest AAA project we’ve ever taken on"
    12. Nintendo asks devs to make their games 4K-ready for upcoming Switch hardware refresh - report
    13. Vehicles return to Call of Duty: Warzone now that they're not crashing servers anymore
    14. Apple is counter-suing Epic Games, calling the Fortnite move "subterfuge"
    1. EA adds free agent Colin Kaepernick to Madden 21, free weekend coming
    2. Here's a look at Crysis Remastered running on Xbox One X with ray tracing mode enabled
    3. Marvel's Avengers Review: The Civil War Within
    4. Third and final SNK collection drop now available through Prime Gaming
    5. Fornite concert featuring Dominic Fike takes place September 12
    6. Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis abilities for Hunter Revenant detailed
    7. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is set 100 years before Breath of the Wild, out in November
    8. CI Games establishes new studio to develop Lords of the Fallen 2
    9. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy seemingly headed to PS4 and Switch
    10. Xbox Series S leak reveals 500GB internal storage
    11. Doom Eternal mod brings horde mode
    12. Xbox Series S officially revealed, priced $300 - launches November 10
    1. New Sonic the Hedgehog games are coming in 2021
    2. Italian operator Morte arrives in Call of Duty Warzone tomorrow
    3. Square Enix has 'no plans' for more Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo Switch
    4. Minecraft is getting a free PSVR update this month
    5. Wasteland 3 quest progression bugs fixed in latest patch
    6. You will trip balls on magic mushrooms in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    7. Doom and Skyrim can now be played on pregnancy tests
    8. Streets of Rage 4 celebrates 1.5 million downloads with a big free patch
    9. Dirt 5 has been delayed until November
    10. Here's how cyberspace looks in the System Shock remake
    11. Steam's latest hardware survey shows how unpopular RTX 2000-series GPUs are
    12. Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch actually brings performance improvements
    13. Crysis Remastered has a graphics setting called 'Can it Run Crysis?'
    14. Marvel's Avengers Gear guide: How to gather resources, improve your equipment and find Exotic gear
    15. CD Projekt Red is getting ready to reveal Cyberpunk 2077 post-launch DLC plans
    16. Call of Duty: Warzone update removes vehicles to combat a nasty crash
    1. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players get to choose the game's next mount
    2. Xbox Academy is Microsoft's latest initiative to help budding game developers
    3. Shenmue is being made into a 13-part anime series
    4. Scalpers are already profiting from the 'limited release' of Super Mario 3D All-Stars
    5. Watch Tony Hawk pull off a classic THPS challenge in real life
    6. EA removes in-game ads from UFC 4
    7. The Wizard of Oz meets Animal Crossing is the crossover we didn’t know we needed
    1. What's the Best Sports Game Ever Made?
    2. Doom and Doom 2 update adds widescreen support, more
    3. GTA Online players can earn rewards in the Diamond Adversary Series this week
    4. Wasteland 3 Very Hostile Takeover Quest - Side with Charley Knowes or the Monster Army?
    5. Wasteland 3 Wolfe's Hunt Quest - Should you kill or release the escaped synth?
    6. Wasteland 3 Nightmare in the Bizarre quest - Where to find the Payaso Limerick
    7. Marvel's Avengers: Where to find all the Hulk Comic Books
    8. Hellish Quart, Midnight Fight Express and more of our favourite gamescom indie reveals
    9. Here’s where you can pre-order the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
    10. Marvel's Avengers patch improves stability, fixes some bugs
    11. Doom Eternal Recruits Two New Composers for The Ancient Gods DLC
    12. Marvel's Avengers: Where to find all the Ms Marvel Comic Books
    13. Here's Doom Eternal running at 4K 120fps on an RTX 3080
    14. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: where to find all alien plushies and unlock secret Roswell Alien skater
    15. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, free to existing owners
    16. Crysis Remastered minimum and recommended PC specs are fairly reasonable
    17. No more delays for Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR says
    18. Immortals: Fenyx Rising release date, first screens leak
    1. Mafia: Definitive Edition trailer showcases the city of Lost Heaven
    2. Wasteland 3 The Zealot quest - How to arrest Valor alive
    3. Death Stranding and Control: Ultimate Edition discounted on Steam
    4. The path of Sorcery detailed in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning gameplay trailer
    5. Into the Breach free on the Epic Games Store, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine coming next week
    6. PvPvE shooter Scavengers gets a new gameplay trailer and technical test
    7. Tell Me Why: Chapter Two Review: High and Dry
    8. This might be the most oddly satisfying GTA Online car stunt on the internet
    9. Microsoft Flight Simulator has over 1 million players
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