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Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – Signal to Noise Sapphire's Run Crew Challenge

For the next step in the Signal to Noise Crew Challenge in Borderlands 3, you'll be visiting a painful part of Krieg's that involves Maya.

Sapphire's Run is the next location after the Castle Crimson that you'll visit on your quest to open Vaulthalla.

Again, there are three areas you'll need to visit in this location to complete the challenge and unlock more jumbled words of wisdom from Krieg.

Borderlands 3: Signal to Noise - Sapphire's Run Crew Challenge

The first place you'll want to look is in Ironspike Causeway. You're looking for a lectern with one of Maya's books on it, so interact with it and a floating platform will appear above you.

Jump up and cross over to the rocks above to reach the first probe. It's right in the centre of the are and Tannis will give you a prompt as usual. You'll see the book lectern next to a spindly tree up a slight hill.

It's easier to find the third probe over the second one, so let's do that. For the third probe, watch out for the ghost trains as you make your way over - there are often two tracks so try not to get hit by one of them.

After you've made the big leap over, run along the train tracks then jump into the portal. Once at the new location, climb up onto the rocks behind where the yellow lantern is and follow the path around until you can interact with another book and jump across the floating platform to the probe.

For the last probe, you're off to Scattertrack Station, which you can access by travelling to Wistwhile from the third probe location and jumping through the portal. Follow the tunnel and cargo containers, jumping up to the platforms above and scaling the roof.

Then, run over more cargo containers before jumping down where the train spawns and heading to the left to find a lectern near the floating giant dismantled clock. Cross the floating platform to reach the last probe.

You can check out the collection of Signal to Noise thoughts at a terminal in the Psychoscape. You can check out the Castle Crimson and Benediction to Pain Signal to Noise guides here as well as how to defeat Evil Brick and Mordecai.

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