November 2019 Archive

    1. Finally, grab a Nintendo Switch Lite at a discount for Cyber Monday
    1. Someone beat Halo 3 on Legendary using just a Guitar Hero controller
    2. Get The Art of Super Mario Odyssey for $28 with Amazon's Lightning Deal
    3. League of Legends' newest champion Aphelios could also be its hardest to master, says Riot
    4. Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York release gets delayed by one week
    5. Candy Crush Soda Saga has made more than $2 billion in its lifetime
    6. Xbox Boss: Scarlett Will Get First-Party Game Every 3 - 4 Months
    7. Bioware exec producer tweets “Dragon Age”, rumours fly
    8. Sonic redesign cost less than $5 million, achieved 'without exploitation'
    9. December Games with Gold – Dracula, Dinosaurs + More
    10. Half-Life: Alyx causes shortages in Valve Index stock in the US and Canada
    11. Rockstar announces free stuff for RDR2 PC players
    1. Codemasters acquires Project CARS dev Slightly Mad Studios
    2. Stardew Valley's big update unveils a new end-game mystery
    3. Ghost Recon Breakpoint's first raid goes live today
    4. GTA Online's latest update brings up to 60% discounts to supercars and real estate
    5. Someone put Elon Musk's Cybertruck into GoldenEye 007
    6. Destiny 2 player unlocks all titles in 69 days. Nice
    7. Google poaches senior Ubisoft devs for Stadia studio
    8. NBA 2K20 spotted downloading an update on Stadia, Google working on a fix
    9. Get Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for the low price of $25 on all platforms
    10. Outside Xbox & Outside Xtra Top Amazon music charts with charity single
    11. Rezzed 2020 - Tickets Available Now
    12. Mortal Kombat dominates all other fighting games on PS4 and Xbox One
    13. Shenmue 3 sales disappoint in Japan and the UK
    14. Double account XP and weapon XP now live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    15. COD: Modern Warfare – 2 free weapons revealed in Battle Pass data mine
    16. That Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Kart 8 is now available for $300
    1. First impressions of The Witcher Netflix series are trickling onto social media
    2. Humble Bundle is all things Sonic
    3. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe delayed until 2020
    4. Breath of the Wild: Man defeats Blue Lynel with dance mat
    5. Veteran Metal Gear Solid producer departs Kojima Productions
    6. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan owners get a free friend pass starting today
    7. Cyberpunk 2077: all new details including side quests, crime system and more
    8. Death Stranding's December update will address 'the most common requests from players'
    9. Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on Steam December 5
    10. Cyberpunk creator: "if you want to get somebody to see your point of view, don’t preach"
    11. No Man's Sky – Synthesis Update makes a great game better
    12. Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross are your free PlayStation Plus December games
    13. Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19 are Stadia Pro's free games in December
    14. The Elder Scrolls: Blades delayed to 2020 on Switch, but that's actually not such bad news
    15. Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolutionary Items: where to find every evolution item and which Pokemon they work on
    16. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a mod manager on PC
    17. The best video games of the decade - the top 50 games from 2010-2020, ranked
    18. Not all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's season 1 content will arrive on the same day
    19. Apex Legends ups the level cap and Apex Pack earn rate, still nowhere near as rewarding as Overwatch
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One kicks off on December 3 - here's what's included
    2. Cyberpunk 2077 will give you plenty of reasons for a second playthrough
    3. The Steam Controller can be your new PC gamepad for just $5
    4. Steam Fall Sale is live and you can also nominate your favorite games for the 2019 Steam Awards
    5. Get Sea of Thieves loot and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter with Twitch Prime in December
    6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the fastest-selling digital launch for a Star Wars game
    7. Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies mode features Shi No Numa adapted for mobile
    8. Steam best-sellers for October include Destiny 2, Disco Elysium, WWE 2K20, others
    9. Hundreds of games removed from Steam as Valve cracks down on Steamworks abusers
    10. Ghost Recon Breakpoint title update opens customization options previously locked behind Skell Credits
    11. Destiny 2: Iron Banner - Scour the Rust guide
    12. Nobody's asking for VR on Xbox, says Phil Spencer
    13. Battleborn removed from stores, servers shutting down in 2021
    14. Controller support returns to Call of Duty: Mobile thanks to input-based matchmaking
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC modders are creating zombies
    16. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC update is all about fixing crashes
    17. Ark: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 3 - Where to find Wishbones
    18. The best and worst Switch ports of 2019
    19. A new Tony Hawk Pro Skater is seemingly in the works
    20. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order patch fixes a few Dathomir progress blocks, makes the Force bar easier to see
    21. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch removes the lengthy spawn animation in HQ and Hardpoint
    1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting all new bosses
    2. PlayStation 5 may use Samsung SSD to load games faster
    3. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X bundles drop to £250 at Very
    4. Myterious sci-fi MMO Project C now has a new name: Life Beyond
    5. Google explains why so many Stadia games aren't hitting the promised 4K60
    6. VG247 presents The Alternate Game Awards 2019
    7. Don't expect GTA Online content to stop coming anytime soon
    8. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mods turn Cal Kestis' baby face into one that's seen some shit
    9. Good Juju is a Borderlands 3 gun that's basically Bad Juju from Destiny
    10. Chromecast Ultra overheating is causing Stadia shutdowns
    11. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is getting a new monster and more on December 5
    12. Grounded isn't Obsidian's first survival game, or even its second
    13. Cloning and doubling - how to clone and double in Farmville 2
    1. This Half Life mod will get you pumped for Alyx
    2. Why there probably won't be a Diablo 2 remaster
    3. Video game sales to be just shy of $150 billion in 2019
    4. There is a Giant Mewtwo in Tokyo right now
    5. Boneworks is a VR game that actually gives you arms
    6. Cyberpunk 2077 enters final stages of development
    7. Kojima wants to make "the scariest horror game"
    8. Ninja has a comic book now. Seriously.
    9. There are fake Pokemon in Sword and Shield
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Apex Legends did the business in October - SuperData
    2. Elite Dangerous is getting a big update in January and a beta next week
    3. Microsoft is not working on content exclusive to Project xCloud
    4. Hellbound is a '90s throwback inspired by shooters such as Doom and you can play the demo
    5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event celebrates Pokemon Sword and Shield
    1. Pokemon Sword & Shield: how to change the weather in the wild area
    2. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts lands today on PC, consoles
    3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Eilram walkthrough - Ball Puzzle solutions
    4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Miktrull Walkthrough Candle Puzzle solutions
    5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Jedi Temple Ice Crystal Puzzle solution
    6. Call of Duty: Mobile update adds controller support, Zombies mode
    7. The Witcher Netflix series episode titles and content teased
    8. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ability trees in the Solar subclass are being reworked
    9. Here's some lovely The Last of Us: Part 2 concept art that can be yours
    10. Fortnite: How to take part in the Fishing Frenzy competition
    11. State of Decay 2 is coming to Steam in 2020
    12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.09 patch brings back the Spec Ops 3-star rating system, adds new content
    13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare netcode analysis shows big improvements from beta, but Ground War still needs work
    14. Valve explains why Half-Life: Alyx is a VR exclusive
    15. Resident Evil 3 remake is rumoured to be releasing in 2020
    1. Loot boxes and keys will be replaced in Rocket League on December 4
    2. Get Red Dead Redemption 2 for $30 and more with Amazon's Xbox Games Sale
    3. Here's your first look at Half-Life: Alyx, Valve's virtual reality title
    4. Your Polteageist in Pokemon Sword and Shield might be running around in a counterfeit teapot
    5. World of Warships: Legends cross-play coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4
    6. Become a giant or tiny cowboy with this Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mod
    7. Bad North: Jotunn Edition is free on the Epic Game Store, Rayman Legends coming next
    8. Get triple rewards in Motor Wars in GTA Online this week
    9. Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Dance at the Pipeman, the Hayman and the Timber Tent
    10. Fortnite Fishing Guide: Where to find a fishing rod and catch Floppers and Slurpfish
    11. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play on Steam this weekend and 75% off
    12. GTFO's Rundown system is how the game will keep things interesting
    13. Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Consume foraged apples at The Orchard
    14. Fortnite Chapter 2: Where to find the second letter T
    15. Alien: Isolation is coming to Switch on December 5
    16. Pokemon Sword and Shield has sold over 6 million copies in a week
    17. Call of Duty YouTubers team up to get to the bottom of SBMM in Modern Warfare
    18. The Toyota Supra is coming back to Forza Horizon 4
    19. Black Desert Online spin-off Shadow Arena focuses on skill levelling to distinguish it from the battle royale crowd
    20. Amazon's game streaming service to work with Twitch, may be revealed next year - report
    21. Destiny 2: The Collection gets rated for PC and consoles, but Bungie says it's Stadia exclusive for now
    1. Soulcalibur 6 Season 2 arrives next week on November 26
    2. Pokemon Go two-day celebration features encounters from past Community Day events
    3. Red Dead Online players will earn bonus items for taking down this week's Legendary Bounty
    4. Steam Remote Play Together feature is out of beta and available to all Steam users
    5. Borderlands 3 will be free to play on PS4 and Xbox One this weekend
    6. Borderlands 3's first campaign DLC is Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot
    7. Yu Suzuki wants to "continue to spin the tale of Ryo and his adventures" in Shenmue 4
    8. There's a nasty Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bug that could block your progress
    9. We'll hear about the next entry in the Saints Row series next year
    10. Pokemon Sword and Shield moved 1.36 million copies its first three days in Japan
    11. Activision may be working on a new Crash Bandicoot game
    12. Pokemon Sword & Shield TR list: every Technical Record move teaching item in the game
    13. "When a game is successful, it’s a miracle": Arkane founder Raphael Colantonio opens new studio and vows to fight industry trends
    14. The ability to auto-equip attachments in PUBG makes its way from consoles to PC in new update
    15. Stadia reportedly performing below Google's expectations
    16. Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 to be extended until February 2020
    17. Pokemon Sword & Shield TM List: every technical machine and where to find them
    18. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order player builds Lightsaber motion controller, Force glove
    19. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC patch has more fixes for stuttering, unbinds core drain from framerate
    20. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review - shoots for the moon, lands among the stars
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hotfix addresses duplicate killstreaks, tunes weapons, more
    2. The Outer Worlds patch includes a toggle option to increase the font size, more
    3. Rainbow Six Siege limited time event Money Heist kicks off tomorrow, free weekend coming
    4. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How to begin the Vex Offensive Final Assault
    5. The Game Awards 2019: Control, Death Stranding, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, more up for Game of the Year
    6. Nintendo will have over 150 games on sale through the eShop starting this Friday
    7. These Samsung SSDs are available for cheap right now
    8. Insider testing for Halo: Combat Evolved will start after the holidays
    9. Darksiders Genesis trailer shows off the game's Creature Core system
    10. Blair Witch is coming to PlayStation 4 next month
    11. In defence of Modern Warfare's ludicrously noisy footsteps
    12. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to PC on December 10
    13. Detroit: Become Human arrives on the Epic Games Store December 12
    14. Pokemon Sword and Shield should no longer crash your Roku
    15. Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Where to find the letter I
    16. Microsoft plans to make Xbox Play Anywhere cross-gen
    17. Shenmue 3 bell tower puzzle - where to find the tokens and complete the puzzle
    18. Shenmue 3 - how to make money fast, get loads of yuan quick
    19. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has an extremely dumb Order 66 Easter egg
    20. Shenmue 3 review: repetitive, rough, but strangely endearing
    21. The biggest games on Google Stadia don't hit the promised 4K 60fps full-fidelity - reports
    22. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PC patch fixes longer than expected load times
    23. Valve officially announces Half-Life: Alyx VR game, reveal coming Thursday
    1. Uncharted's Amy Hennig joins Skydance to make interactive stories for new streaming platforms
    2. A modder is adding cut Pokemon back into Sword and Shield
    3. Google Stadia reviews round-up, all the scores
    4. PS5 controller ditches light bar, according to new Sony patents
    5. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order had a decent turn out on Steam
    6. Pokemon Sword and Shield gym leader guide: how to beat every gym leader
    7. TTK is changing again in Battlefield 5, and a new 3D spotting system is coming
    8. Half-Life: Alyx is Valve's big VR game, reveal set for The Game Awards - rumour
    9. Pokemon Sword and Shield New Pokemon: every new addition, Galarian Form and evolution listed
    10. PUBG is getting rid of locked crates
    11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC patch fixes stuttering cutscenes
    12. Google ups Stadia launch line-up to 22 games
    13. Pokemon Sword & Shield Post Game: what to do after becoming champion
    14. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition includes all characters, stages and costumes for $30
    15. Pokemon's co-op experiment was a failure, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed
    16. Red Dead Redemption 2 on its lowest PC settings is a faceless polygonal nightmare
    1. Torchlight Frontiers gets delayed, not coming in 2019
    2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a paid membership service
    3. Dead Island 2 is still a thing, says Koch Media
    4. Watch Chun-Li morph into a Power Ranger in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
    5. Twitch aims to make streaming easier for newbies with Twitch Studio
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare datamine details map, mission types, more for rumored battle royale mode
    2. We'll get our next look at Gears Tactics at The Game Awards in December
    3. Next Mass Effect game in "very early development" - report
    4. Pokemon Sword and Shield's first Gigantamax Event is live with Butterfree
    5. Path of Exile 2 in development, beta planned for "very late 2020"
    1. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, November 15-18
    2. Anthem is getting a major overhaul at BioWare - report
    3. Company of Heroes 2 is free this weekend on Steam, and you get to keep it
    4. The Seabound Soul is the next free update to Sea of Thieves
    5. X019 Xbox Flash Sale discounts Gears 5, Destiny 2, Red Dead 2 and more
    6. Pokemon Sword & Shield Abilities and Moves: every new ability and attack in this game listed
    7. GTA Online players can now create their own Survival and King of the Hill Modes
    8. Pokemon Sword & Shield: how to change volume levels with the Hi-tech Earbuds item
    9. Pokemon Sword & Shield Starters: which starter Pokemon should you choose, and starter evolutions revealed
    10. Nvidia CEO implies that the success of RTX is the reason PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have ray tracing
    11. Final Fantasy 14 will finally come to Xbox One at some point
    12. Grab a Fortnite Stormtrooper skin from the item shop or by purchasing Jedi: Fallen Order
    13. It may not be a new Crysis, but Crytek's latest is a free ray tracing benchmark tool
    14. Bungie is nerfing Destiny 2's Recluse and One-Eyed Mask, buffing Xenophage
    15. Borderlands 3 hotfix tackles a couple of progression blockers
    16. Minecraft Dungeons release date announced as April 2020
    17. Microsoft won't repeat Xbox One launch mistakes with Scarlett, says Spencer
    18. Here's a new trailer for free-to-play Xbox One shooter CrossFire X
    19. Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur cores drain rate seems to be tied to framerate on PC
    20. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tips for mastering the Force
    21. October NPD: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reigns
    22. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reviews round-up, all the scores
    23. Terminator Resistance review: I need your cloaks, your hoofs and your unicycle
    24. Wasteland 3 has a release date set for May - check out the new trailer
    25. West of Dead starring Ron Perlman announced, open beta live on Xbox One
    26. Rust is coming to PS4 and Xbox One next year
    1. Classic Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Xbox One in 2020
    2. Halo: Reach coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in December
    3. “You don’t have to make a service [game]” to be viable when you have a subscription offering like Game Pass, says Microsoft
    4. “The pipeline of games that we have coming is more than we’ve ever had at any time in our history” - Xbox
    5. “Speed”, “higher frame rates”, and “a more powerful CPU” are major goals for Xbox Scarlett
    6. Ten Final Fantasy titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass
    7. The Witcher 3, Rage 2, Remnant: From the Ashes and more coming to Xbox Game Pass
    8. Age of Empires 4 set in medieval period, gameplay reveal trailer shows two factions
    9. Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2 are coming to Xbox One
    10. Tell Me Why from Dontnod features the first playable hero from a major studio who is transgender
    11. Project xCloud Preview: 50 new games added, coming to PC in 2020, will support DualShock controller
    12. Obsidian's next title is first-person co-op survival game Grounded
    13. Everwild is the next game from Sea of Thieves developer Rare
    14. The Messenger free on Epic Games Store, up next is Bad North: Jotunn Edition
    15. The Game Awards 2019 to be shown in theaters alongside Jumanji: The Next Level
    16. "He's on fire!": How a club bouncer starred in the making of billion-dollar arcade hit NBA Jam
    17. Here's our first look at Sindel in Mortal Kombat 11
    18. Mark Wahlberg in talks to play Sully in the Uncharted movie
    19. The Witcher 3 coming to Xbox Games Pass according to video advert
    20. The one thing Google can't stop saying about Stadia: Not at Launch
    21. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets massive PC patch to fix stuttering, crashes and much more
    22. Get a Nintendo Switch with Pokémon Sword or Shield for £279
    23. Watch debut gameplay for Plan 8, DokeV and Crimson Desert
    24. Microsoft's X019 event kicks today with Inside Xbox Live show - watch it here
    25. Bleeding Edge March release date, closed beta schedule have leaked
    26. New games from Obsidian and Rare to be unveiled today at X019 - report
    27. "This is shocking news to us": Rune 2 publisher had no idea Human Head Studios had closed and struck a deal with Bethesda
    1. Streets of Rage 4 behind-the-scenes video details the team's vision for the game
    2. Death Stranding update 1.05 features various performance improvements
    3. The Witcher Netflix series will see a second season
    4. Red Dead Redemption 2 update will address stuttering issues on PC
    5. Check out the launch trailer for Shenmue 3
    6. Microsoft once again teasing Age of Empires 4 for X019
    7. Commandos 2 and Praetorians remasters dated, getting closed betas
    8. This 10-minute story trailer for Yakuza: Like a Dragon shows a familiar face
    9. Bethesda forms new studio made up of former Human Head developers
    10. Red Dead Redemption 2 players finally locate the missing princess Isabeau
    11. Pokemon Sword and Shield reviews round-up, all the scores
    12. Pokemon Sword & Shield review: ambitious in places, seemingly unfinished in others
    13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trials mode returns
    14. New Nvidia Geforce drivers fix a couple of Red Dead Redemption 2 Vulkan-related problems
    15. Pokemon hashtag #GameFreakLied is trending on Twitter following Sword and Shield leaks
    16. Sonic the Hedgehog looks good in the new movie trailer because Sonic Mania's Tyson Hesse redesigned his look
    17. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's recent 725 shotgun nerf is, in a roundabout way, actually a buff
    18. Three games that will make you better at Death Stranding
    1. Minecraft Earth early access available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the US
    2. Overwatch players can earn the Dr. Ziegler skin by participating in Mercy's Recall Challenge
    3. Nintendo Switch and 3DS digital games will be available to purchase from Fanatical
    4. Wolfenstein: Youngblood update includes the new Treasure Hunt mission, new maps, abilities, enemies, more
    5. Red Dead Online players can collect the bounty on a train robber this week
    6. Steam's recent discoverability updates made a difference, says indie publisher
    7. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets ray tracing mod (but not really)
    8. The Surge 2 Public Enemy DLC adds 13 weapons across eight different types
    9. Naughty Dog staffing up for multiplayer project
    10. I learned a valuable lesson about my uncle's suicide in GTA 5 roleplay
    11. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Title Update 1.0.3 addresses drone deployment, fire rate, more
    12. Epic Games acquires Quixel for world's largest bank of photogrammetry data
    13. Call of Duty: Mobile hit 148 million downloads its first month, besting Fornite and PUGB debuts
    14. PUBG datamine reveals new movement mechanics, riot shield and more on the way
    15. Tencent targets western gamers with Nintendo partnership
    16. Walking across Death Stranding's America in 90 minutes
    17. Here's our first look at the updated Sonic the Hedgehog design in the new movie trailer
    18. Pokemon Sword and Shield Tokyo launch event cancelled
    19. Blizzard releases 'Valkyrie' – Overwatch short story starring Mercy
    20. No free EA Access trial for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order over spoiler concern
    21. 725 shotgun and M4 hit with another nerf in new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch, footstep sounds made quieter
    22. Death Stranding is the Donnie Darko of video games and it's hilarious
    1. The Outer Worlds can be beat without killing anyone
    2. Google unveils Stadia's 12 game launch lineup
    3. Wattam, the next game from the maker of Katamari Damacy, hits next month
    4. Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes - Best Powers, which ones should you pick?
    5. Fortnite players are spending less in-game than they used to
    6. Even Japanese players think that Famitsu cameo in Death Stranding is a bit gross
    7. Controller support is coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile
    8. The Witcher Netflix show is right to lean "more towards horror" than fantasy
    9. New YouTube terms allow it to terminate channels if they're not "commercially viable" [Correction]
    10. Planet Zoo: How to visit others zoos and earn Conservation Credits
    11. Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides arrives today on test servers
    12. Death Stranding: Game with poop grenades “difficult to understand” for Americans, says Kojima
    13. You're using Field Upgrade Pro wrong in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    14. Red Dead Redemption 2's first nude mod is here
    15. Death Stranding plot explainer - so, what the hell was that story all about?
    16. Death Stranding - how to follow Higgs to the beach
    17. Death Stranding - how to cross the tar belt
    1. The opening of Silent Hill gets remade as a terrifying first-person demo
    2. China's FPX wins 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals
    3. League of Legends World Championships 2019 opens with augmented reality concert
    4. Dataminer reveals PUBG clan systems may finally be coming to PC
    5. More Pokemon games will feature a reduced Pokedex in the future, says Game Freak
    1. Overwatch and Overwatch 2 clients will eventually merge to avoid fragmenting the player base
    2. Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides teaser shows off new operator gadgets
    3. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, November 8-11
    4. Get your Jumanji fix ahead of the third theatrical release with Jumanji: The Video Game
    5. Divinity: Original Sin 2 players are getting another free gift bag
    6. Try out the Anthem seasonal event Icetide on the PTS this weekend
    7. Overwatch boss believes Blitzchung's suspension should be reduced even further or eliminated
    8. Check out the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro up close
    1. Splinter Cell tweet from Ubisoft Spain could be teasing something - or not
    2. Death Stranding now available for pre-order on Steam, Epic Games Store
    3. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - here's a look at the Resident Evil 2 quest and armor sets
    4. Red Dead Redemption 2: How to complete the Help A Brother Out and Brothers and Sisters, One and All Stranger Missions
    5. Mass Effect concept art shows ideas that haven't "yet been brought to life"
    6. Pokemon Go: Team Rocket Leader Battles and Looming in the Shadows quest and rewards
    7. Death Stranding's BB tank is now in Days Gone
    8. Death Stranding Twitch viewership almost double that of League of Legends
    9. Looks like EA didn't abandon the Skate trademark after all - UPDATE
    10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's first battle pass is coming in December
    11. Borderlands 3 hotfix buffs Captain Haunt, makes a few changes to Bloody Harvest loot drops
    12. Goodbye Django, hello Westworld - why Red Dead Redemption 2's PC roleplay scene will be awesome
    13. Red Dead Redemption 2: The Artist's Way Stranger Mission - Help Charles escape Saint Denis
    14. Play as any animal or character in Red Dead Redemption 2 and waggle your horse dick at NPCs
    15. Rockstar Games Launcher update fixes Red Dead Redemption 2 offline play error
    16. The Outer Worlds is a commercial success, exceeding publisher expectations
    17. Death Stranding - what is Aphenphosmphobia and how does it affect Sam?
    18. Red Dead Redemption 2 has so far shipped 26.5 million, Borderlands 3 over 7 million
    19. Death Stranding: Where to find all the pre-order bonuses
    20. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch nerfs claymores, 725 shotgun, M4, footsteps and adds new maps
    21. Need for Speed Heat review round-up, all the scores
    22. Need For Speed Heat review - Can’t stand the heat? Stop committing crimes then, you idiot
    1. X019 attendees can play Doom Eternal, Jedi: Fallen Order, Project Resistance, more at the show
    2. Ghost Recon Breakpoint title updates coming this month alongside a Community Survey
    3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's ever-expanding cast is amazing, but it also makes me excited for a series reboot
    4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - new multiplayer maps and mode dropping tomorrow
    5. Earn triple-rewards in the S.A. Super Sport Series this week in GTA Online
    6. Nuclear Throne and Ruiner free on Epic Games Store, The Messenger up next
    7. Head of PlayStation on why you won't see games like God of War and Spider-Man on PlayStation Now at launch
    8. Death Stranding cameos - what famous faces are in Death Stranding and where to find them
    9. IGI: Origins officially revealed as a Cold Ward stealth shooter by the Rising Storm 2 dev
    10. The Outer Worlds guide: tips and walkthroughs for saving the Halcyon colony
    11. This Death Stranding video compares the trailers to the PS4 cinematics
    12. Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Where to find E.G.O. outposts
    13. Anthem is celebrating Mass Effect's N7 Day with themed cosmetics, but you'll have to pay for them
    14. Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Where to find the letter N
    15. Black Desert Online publisher teases three new games: Plan 8, Crimson Desert and DokeV
    16. US Congressman calls out Blizzard for allowing white supremacists in World of Warcraft
    17. Death Stranding Trophies guide
    18. Death Stranding cargo - lost cargo, Porter Grades, entrusting cargo
    19. The next Hitman is already in development
    20. Death Stranding - is Kojima Productions’ mascot, Ludens, in the game?
    21. Death Stranding - how to find Conan O'Brien and get the Sea Otter Hood
    22. PlayStation 5 is the easiest Sony console to code for, claims Ryan
    23. Rainbow Six Siege's next operation is Shifting Tides
    24. Death Stranding tips for becoming the most efficient delivery man in the post-apocalypse
    25. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update coming soon to address claymores, footsteps and more
    26. Guerrilla Games boss is new PlayStation head of worldwide studios
    27. Here's when Death Stranding will unlock for owners of the digital version
    28. Final Fantasy 14: Yorha: Dark Apocalypse crossover has the look but doesn’t quite capture the spirit of Nier Automata
    29. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Launcher get patches to address anti-virus crashes
    1. Pokemon Sword and Shield: first online competition, new items and features detailed
    2. Deep Down has "not been completely given up on," says Ono
    3. The Outer Worlds "The City in the Stars" Quest Guide | Board ID & Dimethyl Sulfoxide
    4. Hitman 2 November content update celebrates the game's one-year anniversary
    5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order achievements and trophies pop up ahead of release
    6. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update drops tomorrow
    7. Steam Cloud Gaming references found in developer site update
    8. Norman Reedus happy Silent Hills didn't happen because Death Stranding "is way better"
    9. In Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption 2, triple-A has embraced boredom
    10. Payday 2 DLC Silk Road features both free and paid content
    11. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ new Covenant system lets you roleplay as Overwatch’s Reaper
    12. Now that everyone's moved on, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is making its in-game market fair
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